Blessing Me

Lane Vill (Will of Heart):

This piece of Wendell inspired and very uplifting. For all the times I need an inspirations and motivations his words were able to bring me in peace and strength.
Beautifully written, I love this poem.

Originally posted on Where Words Daily Come Alive:

The flowers find their strength in the morning
To joyfully speak softly of your love
For they tell me each day I am surely blessed
By your sweet pureness from up above

You bring many moments of tranquility and beauty
Into my world while opening my spirits eyes to see
The amazing treasures you brought to life in my world
As if you were daily bringing them to life for only me

Your precious love touches the deepest parts of me
Making my heart and spirit to sing out with glee
Realizing I am wrapped within your priceless love
Whose tender embrace of me was always meant to be

And if I would not see another day in this world
Or if from this cell of flesh one day I pass away
Know my life has embraced the greatest treasure
When I shared the blessing of your love each day.

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