Listen … While My Heart Can


I am talking to you! Yes, You!

You’d been questioning my whole of me and I am always handling you with understanding and love.

You are sooo ready to fire up with your sarcastic tone and I am ready to listen with my calm words. I am hoping someday when I woke up you will realized the importance of my existence.

Day by day my body gets tired, my mind digging for so many reasons and my heart trying not to stop beating.

Listen, Look at me and see who I am.

I am not your gadgets, when getting low you will charge to return the life.

I am not an appliances having expiration. I am not your waste waiting to be trash. I am not a dispenser filtering your ego and pride.

Hey, You! Listen!

I can eat good food for my body. I can read tons of good words to calm my mind.

What about my heart?

My heart who gets tired. My heart who gets happy. My heart who gets sad. My heart who gets angry.

Do not feed me with your poignant words. Do not degrade me with your ego. Do not test me with your lies. Do not try to lock me in a cage. Do not treat me like a robot.

Treat me as a human with respect. Treat me as a person with rights. Treat me as a woman with a heart.

Listen …. While my heart can…

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