Where do I stand?

1378380_661048903919920_904503968_n1.jpgI am looking at the blank sheet, so pure so white.
It is very inviting, my fingers playing the keys from my keyboard.
But no words came out.
I’d been sitting in my chair for almost an hour but I can’t figure out where and what to start.

I know tons wanted to comes out from me but the sense and passion left me
It’s been so long since my last post and so many times I wanted to put an end
But every time my index fingers touch the delete button
My heart cries and asking to wait.
Now I am asking myself and questioning every bit of letters that I created for a very long time
Is it all worth to wait?

I do not know now where I stand
Day by day, time passes by
I saw some white strand from my hair
Is everything worth now?
Then accidentally I clicked my home page and I started to read my intro
It reminds me of everything
The fire that left me for a very long time
Flares like a candle
And now my fingers start to run
And reach my heart and open my desire

Why do I need to ask for more?
If I can start today
Why do I need to wait?
If I can still move on
Why do I have to look for reasons?
If I have all the answer

And now, I know this is where I belong
This is where I stand
This is my heart.


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