Under the Rain …

  I am under the deep thought,  savoring  the moment, because it  is raining  outside.

  I find sprinkles and fog so  romantic.

  I feel intrigue every time its falls.

  I don’t know what is exactly the reason  why?

Maybe the weather turns me into this kind of mood or the cold wind that touches my skin, the sound of the raindrops on my roof make me rest and sleep or the mellow music playing in my disc.

I set on my favorite couch, trying to run this wonderful feeling in my senses. While sipping my tea, I close my eyes and let into my ears the melody of the rain.

Haah! Rain…

Why most people love the rain?

And why some are not?

For me, when it rains it means another life, another hope, another joy… Or it can be a shield also to the wounded heart.

I like the sound of water sluice down in my window or the street. Raindrops create a graceful music to my ears.

It brings me smile, the aroma of the wet soil, wet grass and flowers in my garden. Rains make my heart go romantic, and make me dance.

I like it when the drops touch my skin every time I take a bath under the rain.  I love the drizzle; sprinkles water from the sky makes me ask so many whys.

Some people hate it because when it rains it can be a cause of hassle in their life. Well let’s be realistic when it rains specially a heavy one some areas turns into flood. Just like the nature wants to kill people by drowned.


As I looked outside I see children taking a bath while playing under the rain… 

They running, shouting and laughing… full of innocence…

They don’t care whether they are full of dirt or mad, they just enjoying the weather.

Ahh … children, I never noticed that I am smiling while I am watching them in my window. I must admit every time it rains the memory of my childhood flashback in my mind.

Whenever it rains I and my siblings, we took a bath and chasing each other and who ever beat in “Habulan It”, is the one who will be punished by washing the dishes.  Then if we get tired we run going home to eat something that our mother prepared for us.

When I was in secondary I had a group consists of 7 girls and 3 boys. I and my gang used to took a bath in the rain while talking about our crushes.

Who is in and who is not. Who are the terror teacher and our favorite teacher? One of my friends had a habit to mimic my teacher in History. And we laugh like there is no tomorrow.

As I grow older the rain becomes my witness in all of my emotions. If the rain falls and I am happy I take a bath under the rain with my sis and nephew. I really enjoy it just like I am kid again, savoring the cold temperature of the water.

And let the raindrops touch my cheeks down to my lips just like it kisses me. If I am down I used to hide my tears under the rain. Until I get better.

 Rain is a part of our nature that gives so much meaning for me …

It is truly a gift from above …

And now I am under the rain

I let it …

kiss me …

Touch me …

Hug me …

And … Dance with me…


Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

4 thoughts on “Under the Rain …”

  1. Very nice, poetic, romantic – I have the same feelings about Rain.
    How I would wish many times I can find again this innocence of childhood, jumping in water and let it caress my skin for hours.

    Here it rains often and we sometime would wish more sun. But you said it well, rain is a gift from above, it washes the pain and open for us a new space where we can find peace and contentment.

    Rain makes me feel happy or melancholic, but it’s always worth it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with such passion and beauty.

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