Life Is Amazing? ……Indeed!

Life Is Amazing? …. Indeed!

In our life as we go older there are so many things we encountered.

We experienced different emotions.

We feel….

Pains from our failure relationship …

We expect that we found our true love, but on the next day when we wake up we realized he is not the right one.

Pains of losing someone…

We cannot predict everything in this world, there is always a beginning and an end just like our life.

Pains of missing the opportunities…

Sometimes even we have plans there are circumstances comes along that change what we wants or dreams and leave us no choice to settle the second best. 

How can be happy after all those pains?

We all knew nobody feel happy all the time,

Sometimes it is in our state of mind and the influence of the people around us.

When I am down or I feel shaky or it’s like I feel the entire burden in the world is in me, I find ways to make my miserable situation becomes okay. I am not the type of person who cries a lot, if it is truly painful and I can’t bear the pain I allow to let it out, I cry one whole night if it is needed. I don’t get a damn until I feel better.

I am not confiding what I feel even to the closest person of my life because I don’t want them to feel heavy just like what I feel. Well I am not a robot or a sadist to myself, but maybe because I am always portraying that I am strong…… It is all inside….

And believed me aside from my friends who know me personally my net becomes my best friend during this time of my life.

I find happiness by simply reading all the inspiring quotes, poems and articles that I can be found from my circle of friends in blog…. I am able to express exactly what I feel. Wordings are intense it makes me realized one thing and move me into another world. And when I wake up into realities I can able to say…. Yes, why should I…. Life is wonderful…..

My FB friends help me also to be happy, there arts and photo’s excites me every day, even in the time I feel so much stressed because of my work by simply looking at it I feel okay. I am always admiring to all things put into paper and canvass. It is really fascinating to meet people with such unique talents; all works are incomparable and magnificent.

I am truly glad also to my twitter friends coz I found new post and articles which are informative and helpful in so many aspects of my life.

Truly I don’t know them personally, but with their thoughts and gestures make me feel that Life is amazing so to speak.

And I thank God because I found them to make my life more meaningful and colorful.

There are so many ways we can be happy, mingling with our friends, talking with our family, watching comedy movies, going to SPA and pamper our self to boost our self – esteem.

I still remember what my father always did if I am crying. He always teased me, he cracked jokes and make face. And for sure I will laugh until I feel better.

Just like the old times, although in different way but laughter’s is the best medicine.

As a human we sometimes feel tired of failure again and again.

But whatever emotions we feel and encountered….

The most important part is learning how to accept the reality and learn to forgive. Ah, I can’t say it is easy to forgive because honestly in my part I have a hard time for this matter. But I am always looking forward for the time that I can give it out sincerely.

Yes we got hurt; it is all right everyone feels the same,

Everyone feels pain, let’s not loss hope and our determination to keep going.

And if the times come that u feel it is need to cry let it out, shout it out, it is okay just to ease the pain.

But after letting it out …. 

Stand and smile….

Say to u’re self I have lots of another day to come…


Life is amazing……. Indeed! ….


Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

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