Hiding the shadow from the past

With no 







In u’re blameless


Virginal world

Everything was perfect

No apprehensions

No catastrophe

 And the reality born from the pit of ignorance 

Send u from illusions

Of make believed

Until u don’t know

The difference of truth and the lies

And believed to fabrication


by skillful manipulation

of a critter

Waiting for his victim

Finally seen the unseen

Awaken the senses

Reveal the fancy colors

Distinguish the deceit and naked truth

Face the imaginary

Because ….

Everything u said are part of u’re scripted mellow drama

Hiding in a mask

Of u’re deception and lies…


Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

19 thoughts on “……DeCeIt……”

  1. I can say words came out of your heart for sure. Tough experience expressed with simple words. We can all relate and feel at different levels the pain.

    1. @ evervescence

      – thank you so much I appreciate it ….. :-), most of the time if our hearts feel too much to burden it will comes out in any way and I guess that is the reason why I come out on that wordings ….

  2. It sounds like you have really been through something, something that I and I’m sure many others can relate to. I love the words you chose and the way you expressed this experience. 🙂

  3. “And believed to fabrication


    by skillful manipulation

    of a critter

    Waiting for his victim”

    Something about these lines causes me to cringe with the caution, yet smile at your clever skill with words. Wonderfully done! A stunning submission among your always talented library of work!

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