A surprised For Me…..A Versatile Blogger Award

I got home today very late and too tired,  when I finally have time for myself, one of my favorite part  is reading something while taking rest and updating some stuff that I always do weekly.

I was surprised when I got the link that I received a nomination for versatile blogger award, I am truly glad for the nomination from fhhakansson: http://fhhakansson.com, thank you so much.

I truly appreciate it, I am so touch to receive this reward and honestly I didn’t expect it. It is my honor to be nominated for this kind of reward; it is truly motivate and inspire me to write.

On the other hand there are rules to follow for these reward and the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

Oh! I need to think now about seven random things about me….. Okay, let me see:

1.)   If I am in day shift my day always start early as early as 5 AM no matter I sleep late and if vice versa the same thing I always wake up early.

2.)   My day is not complete without sipping a cup of coffee, I love drinking coffee, it’s like 3 to 5 cups a day,

3.)   One of my fave is reading no particular topic as long as it caught my interest it can be novel, news, politics or poems.

4.)   If I am stress or want to take a chill my fave is to check  photo’s and arts from my FB account, I really enjoy looking at it because I am always admire how those things put on the paper or canvass and looks like real.

5.)   I love spicy foods, all foods cook with coconut milk and pasta.

6.)   As always I enjoy listening music

7.)   One of the big No No for me is never disturb me if I am in front of my PC excluded if it is between life and death because even I am at home I am still working….. J

In no particular order  here are the blogs that I choose, and honestly having a hard time to choose because just like what I’ve said in my HIT TWO …  all the blogs that I follow and read are all my favorite and they are having incomparable wordings and magnificent styles in conveying words to their readers and honestly they are truly touch my heart and inspire me more to write.

The Background Story : http://thebackgroundstory.wordpress.com

Goss Coaching : http://gosscoaching.wordpress.com

Moiz Billah : http://moizbillah.wordpress.com

Nissiknows : http://nissiknows.wordpress.com

maureenlermer : http://maureenlermer.wordpress.com

deidraalexander  : http://deidraalexander.wordpress.com

1001scribbles  : http://1001scribbles.wordpress.com

patcegan : http://patcegan.wordpress.com

Heartofbella : http://heartofbella.wordpress.com

 Vampire Weather :http://vampireweather.wordpress.com

♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡ : http://justsimplyinlove.wordpress.com

Michael : http://jamesdez.wordpress.com/


Manchester LAB : http://manchesterlab.wordpress.com

T Scott : http://dehypnotize.wordpress.com

Balqis : http://lilstarrz09.blogspot.com/

How I wish I am able to pick more than 15 because there are so many blogs that I read for the past days that I think deserving also for this reward.

Again thank you so much …. 🙂

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Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

22 thoughts on “A surprised For Me…..A Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. @Vampire Weather – thank you so much, u’re piece truly touch the heart and soul of u’re readers and u really have an Incredibly amazing blog…… 🙂

    @Pat Cegan – thank you so much, truly u’re words is a source of inspirations … and really have an interesting blog…… 🙂

    @Balqis – thank you so much, u’re wordings are truly powerful and u’re blogs are amazingly indeed……. 🙂

    @ The Tale Of My Heart – thank you so much, u’re blog is really awesome and post by post are really interesting combination of poetry,Music, articles and all…

    @fhhakansson – I am truly honored and grateful because u nominated me for this award which I didn’t expect, thank you so much for appreciating my blog it is truly inspiring and really motivates me knowing that my wordings is appreciated…. 🙂

    @The Background Story – it is alright, thank you so much truly appreciated, u have an amazing blog, u’re snaps are truly captivating and breath taking, they speaks a thousand words that convey to u’re readers…… 🙂

    @maureenlermer – thank you so much Maureen for the continous support, u really have an interesting and amazing blog Post by post are truly inspired me and touch the heart and soul of u’re readers………. 🙂

  2. OMG… you make me go all emotional… i made it to your list.. yes i did.. Thanks for nominating me.. i ll follow the rules hopefully i do not go wrong if i do, pleas do well to correct me.. Thanks alot..
    Bless your heart…

  3. I randomly came across this post while browsing the blogs I follow, and I’m glad I did! I haven’t had the chance to read the comments our blog got so I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Thank you so much for nominating our blog. It’s really a pleasure and honor to be chosen as a favorite. We’ll post about this just before Christmas. I’ll let you know if the post is up. (=

  4. No. 7’s so like me as well! If you talk to me while I’m working or on the computer it’s like I’m not even listening haha. There’s this thick invisible shell around me. Congratulations on the award as well! 😀

  5. Congrats to you for receiving the award! 🙂

    It’s really a very pleasant surprise to see my name among the nominees of the award. Though in many ways, I’m not versatile yet, being awarded is a big honor for me. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

  6. How lovely of you to nominate me. I thank you for this honor. Unfortunately I can not participate at this time because of time constraints, but I do love that you thought of Source of Inspiration. Hugs, pat

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