When was the last time you did something for the first time? And that first time leaves impact into your life?

I find this question interesting and hard to answer, I honestly took time to think when that was? And I found out, oh my God! My life evolves as always in my heavy-duty schedule. I call it heavy duty because it is as it is, I needed to follow my daily routine.

And I am beginning to reflect I am really happy with what I am now and who I am now? At this stage, although there are so many things happened to me that I am truly blessed and thankful because I can pass all of it, and I am not complaining although there are some parts that leave to me scars and until now I am in the process of healing and dealing with it.

But I am missing something? Sounds confusing so do I.

Oh well, now your friend speaking to herself…

Our life evolves for so many first time, first step, first job, first tour or travel alone, first love, first kiss, first impression, first promotion, first boyfriend and heartache, first investment and so many first….

And for those first time, it leaves marks on us either thought us a lesson, gain and give us confidence and impression, made us a better person and most of all there is something in us that change in a way of our living, beliefs, and principles and hoping all of it is for the better.

What is holding us back to face new challenges, to face new opportunities, to come out from the box?

Most of us afraid to get away in our comfort zone, afraid to explore a bit, always in a box and afraid to commit failure and mistake, but come to think of it, who wants to commit failure and have mistakes and get hurt in the end. Having failure and getting hurt is part of our life that leads us to know our self better. To know where and how long we can drive ourselves to the fullest.

And if you going to ask me now when was the last time I did something for the first time?


By admitting to myself that I am just a human, it is okay to come out in my heavy-duty schedule to deal with something new challenges and opportunities. By accepting the fact that I don’t need to be afraid of getting hurt again because allowing myself to continue learning something will make me a better person. And who knows it leads me to my happiness.

So do you really feel happy and contented of what and where you are now?

 I am leaving this question to you folks….. Goodnight! …. 🙂

Signing Off: WillOfHeart

16 thoughts on “A BREATH…

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  1. very nice question and provoking post ! hmmmm it makes me thinking and searching for the answer. there were lots of things happened in my life recently for the very first time but i didnt know which one really leave impact. perhaps one day i can make an entry regarding this 🙂 thanks will 🙂

  2. Fer stands in way of life
    I had to conquer fear of pain after an accident and I have never been more at peace than letting go of fear.
    I do things now with a crippled body that I never would have dared with my good one.

    Thanks for the reminder. Fear is a tricky little monster who will try to creep up on you even when you think it is gone.

    Perfect love on your life journey fellow living being ❤

  3. First : another beautiful Writing Piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Second : Question?
    The time, when I don’t compare my life with others….NO one in the world more happiest person than me….
    When I compare…I also do one mistake..always compare with those, who having better status and position than me…at that time obviously I’m don’t feel happy.

    But if I stop comparing…it also affect my competitiveness will….then I compare me with others in a good way or in positive way.
    Again I become Happiest person In the world………….:)

  4. I AM very happy with where I am right now because I am walking into enough light to show me what wonderful places lie ahead of me! I am content to continue walking in this light!

  5. I can answer this question so quickly in my heart as I read your thoughtful words. I have tried something new and highly unusual this last year. I experienced the greatest moments of my life, and also the deepest pain. I could never have imagined the journey this last year would lead me on. I made choices to abandon safety and pursue something I believed in against the will or the world and society, and I found something most people will never experience. And yet I cannot say I am currently content, for now that I have been there I cannot find the will to return to standard living. I hurt for things I cannot express. Your words are beautifully thoughtful, and I appreciate your beautiful heart. Thank you for taking time to look into life and be sensitive to the experiences of others.

  6. I think we learn the most when we are out of our comfort zone and that usually is when we are doing something for the first time. Those are “usually” best experiences!

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