If I Could Bring Back Time…

If I Could Bring Back Time…

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If I could bring back time

I am going to hold your hand

And never let it go

I never stop looking at you

Not a single glance will go

If I could bring back time

I will always listen

For every word, you whisper into my ears

I let the time passed

in your arms

on your side

I cannot bring back time

And now

My heart is longing for you

for your sweet voice

for Your loving  touch

And for your love

I am  Whispering through the Wind

Wherever you are … I still love you…

If I just could only bring back time…

36 thoughts on “If I Could Bring Back Time…

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  1. I must say. while reading what I just read, you seem to be an fantastic author! Really, you use proper grammar, proper use of pronunciations, proper everything! I might additionally like to add and say that I think you pin pointed my style of writing as well which I enjoy! What I also admire about your blog is that you provide an opportunity for a wider variety of an audience to unravel the immense storyline of your writings. And with that, I think you will definitely keep up succeeding in flourishing an exceptionally well written piece 🙂

  2. Sis, I feel it to the deepest part of my heart, this is beautiful, but you cannot bring back time … I am always praying for your happiness…

  3. Willof, the repetition of “If I could bring back time” works so very well here to drive the point home about what was treasured and what is no longer available. It also works well to assure the reader that the author really does love the absent one. The artwork depicting that lovely maiden playing her cello ecastatically in the midst of that garden maze at the edge of that misty, haunted forest matches the sentiments and the memories expressed in the poem quite well.

  4. wow ! the title is already impressive. you penned down your feeling compassionately 🙂
    great job will 🙂

    it always like that, during it presence we dont appreciate. when we lose it then we know how to value it.

    u’ll never miss the water until the well runs dry :’)

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