Dear Human,

My name is HEART, I am with you all the time, and I can feel you every second, every minute, every hour of your life. If you feel stress, I feel stress too. If you feel tired, I am tired too. If you are mad, obviously I am mad too. As you all know, I can feel every emotion you feel and felt. So now it is clear that you and I are united as one. I play a vital aspect in your life.

For all the times we’ve been together, I am not complaining because I am always wishing that you human my partner to be happy always.

If you still remember the very first time someone broke your heart and you cry, are you aware that I cried too?  I felt the burden, the heavy feeling; I felt the day I was going to be the end of my life.

We both stand up, we both smile and we both face another chapter of our life.

And for all the times you are happy, I rejoice too because you, human as part of me have this spectacular feeling and being happy will help us to make our life longer.

Ops, again I am not complaining…..

Now, what are you doing? It seems you forget to stretch a bit and eat healthy foods. I feel fat too; I feel easily getting tired too.

Oh, I can hear the heavy breathing from you my partner human, why because you walk and you’re getting tired easily.  I guess I am too, can you hear it? Can you feel it?

And what are you doing now? It seems your actions are getting worse, now your drinking too much. Oh my! Haah! Ugh! Ah! I am coughing, you take the cigarette very badly, can you please slow down I feel like I am running out of my breath.

Oh, before I forget I am also the INCHARGE of your BODY SYSTEM, now every part is calling for action, for a protest.

My comrade LIVER is now complaining, as well as the other system including Mr. KIDNEY…

Once again I am calling a plea, stop all your vices and live healthily or else I am going to pass the Bill, and we are going on a protest to call you my human partner…. TO LIVE HEALTHY AND PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR BODY….


Once Again,


You’re Life Partner


38 thoughts on “HEART TALKS…

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  1. This is brilliant! A timely reminder that we do not take our lives for granted but instead live a healthy life, i.e.emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, as every thought and action impacts on our hearts. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I heard a ba-dump, ba-dump sound while reading your post. It felt like a little child telling a parent to ” please take care of me, or I’ll die”. It’s heart-wrenching.

  3. This was great – the heart talking. We don’t think of it much, do we. I enjoyed this because it had me reflect. Great post. 🙂

  4. what’s up willofheart? i fucks with that. i’m loving that. i see you. you dangerous with words as well. i’ll put something up there in a few a days or so. i really don’t get the chance to be on the internet. i’ll find my time though. hit me up.

    1. I honestly in my deeper emotion when I created this post because of my mother. thank you so much VW, your words of encouragement really do inspired me to write more….

  5. What a beautiful poem, you wrote it just the way you felt it. U truly hit the nail on the head with this piece, I wouldn’t change anything. Wish so many people would consider what they thought about what they truly was doing to there heart. God Bless 🙂

  6. Hi Willofheart,

    Seldom have I come across such an important life lesson portrayed with such simplicity and brevity.Reading it made me feel so light. More power to you for more such lovely posts.



    1. Wow, Shakti your words is very inspiring, encouraging and motivating, thank you so much, I am happy because I am able to convey message through this even the time I created this had tears in my eyes and I am in my deeper emotions…

  7. Great idea, but it would be even better if you took care of your English a bit more. Instead of U write You. That´s also to take care of your readers, making it easier to read.

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