I am looking outside the window,

Sky is getting dark

As I look around

There is unexplainable silence

What is it?

Why my heart beat fast?

Why there is a sudden reaction from my mind?

Oh! My subconscious is yelling at me.

Run! Before it’s getting late


Ignore what you feel

Just go

I run and run

I felt like it is endless

Where did I go?

I am tired

I feel hopeless

Until I found the well

Of undying

Pleasure and




My Beloved


Hey, wake up!

Ouch! I fall from my bed

Gasp…. Just Another dream….

49 thoughts on “I HAD A DREAM…

Add yours

        1. hahaha yes Sony I am a Filipino, thanks for the comments, I am glad I found your blog whose promoting the beauty of the Philippines, after my project I am going to repost some of your post to share the beauty of our country, I will let you know which one… Have a great day…

  1. I was actually feeling all the good thing that came out of reading the poem until I reached the last part. That just made me smile. Sigh … I was supposed to congratulate you for find the THE ONE. 🙂

    Kudos for succeeding to bring that element of suspense. I love it!

  2. Sometimes it can be such a let down when we wake up from a good dream 🙂 Penned lovely and the image is one of my favorites. I’ve had it in my files for ages thinking that I’d pen a poem to it one day. I couldn’t have written a better one than you did ~ Congrats! {|:-)

  3. Great post. But just as we dream, we also face barriers to our dreams. And it becomes critical to understand and unearth these barriers if we really need to unleash the power of dreams.



  4. Dreams tell us alot about ourselves. I love the poem hun! I can only remember one time i fell out of bed and that was when I was falling in a dream. Thank God I woke up though lol But that was when I was a kid. I think I was either 4 or 5 years of age. Still remember it like the back of my hand. Dreams Inspire and dreams also reveal so much about ourselves that we often fail to see in our waking life. May we always have pleasant dreams 😀

  5. It felt like one of my dream, quite disturbing………I was nearly lost in your words when the wake up call moved me out of my reverie. Beautiful.

  6. Dreams …. that is the only place you can ectually make things come true.. the things you so wish to. Oh, how i often wish my dreams can come true.. how often…
    Lovely poem.. .. and lovely pics to match with it.. as usual..! 🙂

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