YAY! Awards ….

YAY! Awards …. 

It took me so long before I did my response for all the awards that was given to me by my fellow bloggers and friends. And my apology for being late for this…..


Thank you Miro for nominating me for ABC Award, Miro always share incomparable and high quality pieces of poems that truly inspire, enlighten, and share great pieces of words of wisdom, you can check out his blog at www. Warriorpoetwisdom.com. This award is really fun coz I need to think words that fits me using alphabetical and now here I come.  

A – Appreciative N – Nice
B – Brave O – Open Minded
C – Care P – Perseverance
D – Diligence Q – Quite
E – Effort R – Reliance
F – Filipina S – Smiling
G – Good T – Trusting
H – Hard Working U – Understanding
I  –  Imaginative V – Verve
J – Joyful W – Woman
K – Keep X – X-Factor hahaha
L – Loveless Y – Youthful Mind,  😉
M – Modest Z – Zesty


I would like to thank also these two amazing blog:

1.) bipolarmuse of www. bipolarmuse.com  

2.)divinerhythm of divinerhythm.wordpress.com

for nominating me for Sunshine Award, whom share us incomparable pieces of poetry, amazing photo’s and more, pls. check them out…

And for the RULES:

– Include the award Logo’s in a post or in your blog / Answer 10 question about your self. / Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous blogger / Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know they are nominated / Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

And for the questions here it comes: 

Favorite Color: Blue and Pink (that is for my boyish and girlish choice)
Favorite Animal: Cat and Dog
Favorite Number: 3 and 5
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: oh my favorite and part of my daily life. Coffee and Juices
Prefer Facebook or Twitter: I have both Will Of Heart Page and Lane Vill in Twitter ( my apology for the ads hahaha…)
My Passion: Aside from Writing, I teach
Prefer getting or giving presents: Hm, I prefer both hahaha but most of the time giving coz I am the eldest
Favorite Pattern: as long as related to my passion that is my fave pattern
Favorite day of the week: Saturday coz this is my bonding moments with my nep and sis
Favorite Flower: Rose particularly white rose


I thank you so much to Strawberryindigo of strawberryindigo.wordpress.com for nominating me for the Kreative Blogger Award, her blog shared great forms of wordings in terms of everything, environment, poetry, great photo’s, ideas and animals.

And for the RULES:

  • Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link. /  List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting / Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and tell them.

LIEBSTER Blog Award:

Thank you so much to Ash for nominating me for Liebster Blog Award she is not only a friend, she is also a sister of mine who share inspirations to me and I am always admire her words and ideas. You can check her wordings in www.getawayzzz.wordpress.com, see you there…

VERSATILE Bloggers Award:

To Pj Man of ponderingprocrastinator.wordpress.com and Renxkyoko’s space of megaworthit.wordpress.com thank you so much for nominating me for Versatile Blog Award. It is always feels good to get an appreciation for your work and same time your passion.

Pj Man shares great pieces of poetry that surely touch your heart, short stories and just like mine write and shared thoughts and ideas about anything.

Renxkyoko’s space is a personal blog whom wrote and share amazing and interesting post with great sketches and photo’s…

And for my nomination for ABC BLOGGERS AWARD:






And for my nominees for SUNSHINE BLOGGERS AWARD:








And for my nomination for KREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD:








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Kreative Blogger Award: http://strawberryindigo. wordpress. com/2012/03/04/adventures-in-kreativ-blogging-the-awards/

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Versatile Blogger Award:http://ponderingprocrastinator. wordpress. com/the-versatile- blogger-award/my-fifteen-nominees-are/ http:// megaworthit.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/versatile-blogger-award-part-2-thank-you/


Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

41 thoughts on “YAY! Awards ….”

  1. Congratulations on a wonderfulset of awards. I also love white roses! I enjoy almost all of the blogs you nominated! Hooray for our good taste,right! I am especially looking forward to Ada Lamar’s reponse to that ABC award! You are wonderful!

  2. Congratulations on all your lovely and well-deserved awards! And thank you for pointing us in the direction of so many wonderful new blogs – that is much appreciated. 🙂

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