God Is A Radio …

I came to read one of my friends post from http://www.dehypnotize. wordpress.com and I find it perfect for Lenten post, absolutely true, because the only way to let us feel the God’s presence is to listen to him.

Have a peaceful Lenten every one…


Everything that is, vibrates on a particular frequency;  even down to the strings in particle physics, everything is vibrating.  Vibrations of course create sound that can only be detected with the proper listening apparatus.  Recently scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California were able to listen to the recorded voice of Thomas Edison.  Recording on what was to become known as the phonograph, Edison was able to speak some eighty plus years into the future, to anyone that could hear him.  Although they’d had it for some time  these scientists had to develop a 3-D optical technology that scans surfaces and then converts them into digital audio files before they were able to hear what had been recorded.

There is a sea of waves surrounding us at all times, sound waves, radio waves, microwaves and many more.  However, we can only pick up on these waves, again, with the proper device.

We come equipped with our very…

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Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

7 thoughts on “God Is A Radio …”

  1. GOD is our radio–and needs NO re-tooling, ever! Hallelujah, especially during this final week of Lent, this Holy Week! His word is a living word–and translates perfectly for all time in all places inside our hearts! Happy Easter, dear one!

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