It’s a MUST….

It’s a MUST….

In a world of blogging we who write sometimes wants to reblogged other works because the post captivates our interest, or it is timely and we want to bring awareness to others or either way it is informative and we want to share learning’s…

But before that we asked the author or the owner of the site his/her permission before we reblogged or re – post it.

And most of the time if someone wants to use our materials, we feel flattered and overwhelming because we are able to share our thoughts and ideas to others.

But, What if someone used your materials without asking permission or even notation to the author or owner of the site?

It is one of the hot topics now in social media when one of the write up’s of our fellow blogger Sarah Pope of thehealthyhomeeconomist used for the speech about the Reproductive Health Issue…

When are we going to say our worked was copied by others or it was Plagiarize?

According to my best friend Webster:

–       It is when someone uses your idea and owned it as their own without asking authorization from the author or even crediting to someone who wrote it…  

It’s a blog and has no copyright….. Come to think of it!?

Every time we write, we gave our effort and time to our ideas, thoughts, learning’s and skills to every post we share.

Is it hard to someone who will use our materials to at least asked permission before using our write ups?   

I don’t think so…

Yes, we do made also a  research specially to some crucial topics we need the expertise of others but asking permission to used their research or words is a must and since most of our work was published in internet it doesn’t mean that you are going to own it as your own.

After all, asking can I used it? Is not that hard….

But to be fair, with the current issue, okay granted you are not the one who wrote your speech, but Sir, It is hard to accept your mistake and make an apology to Ms. Pope, by using her words in defending your side against the RH Bill?

I am hats off to Ms. Pope for being calm , and I think we learned so much from this issue, that we shouldn’t not pompous, vainglorious especially to our public servant who lead us and must be our model…

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Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

20 thoughts on “It’s a MUST….”

  1. It’s a good topic of discussion. I know that in Europe, and the US to some extent, everything written is copyrighted from the moment it is created which means everything I write and publish on my blog is protected under law. The difference between US and EU is that in the EU you can get economical compensation if it is stolen, in the US you can’t unless you have specifically protected your work against theft, though it will still be removed upon your request if it is stolen (it’s a bit more complex than that. There is some compensation to be had in the US even if you haven’t filed a copyright but I don’t know the laws in detail).
    I find this happens more with pictures than text. I would be happy if someone reblogged something of mine – as long as they credit me. Back in the days it was common to steal someone works, improve/change it, and then claim it as the author’s own. Most of old classic literature were originally written by someone else and the author we know and study merely wrote the “latest” version of it. Faust is a great example.

    1. Yes I agree with you FH, in our world now specially internet is worldwide used we do get ideas and research from it, but I guess asking permission or mentioning your sources is a great way to show gratitude to them for sharing there skills and ideas…

    1. Yes you are right my friend, it is really unfair if someone said that it is only a blog and has no copyright!!!! Tsk!Tsk! But I guess they learned a lesson to at least respect there sources, u knew what I mean 😉

  2. This is a terrific post for inducing thought about blogging etiquette. If you think about it, would you walk into a deli, make your way around the counter & just take the tray sandwiches the cook has prepared for patrons? No. You, instead, walk up to the counter (read a blog post), ask for a sandwich (ask permission), then pay for it (give credit to the author). Reblogging is no different, I believe. Thank you for writing such an enlightening post about this!

    1. you’re right my friend, asking permission is not that hard to asked after all it is the essence why we are spreading good words, thank you She for the comment, Have a nice weekend… 🙂

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