A Voice of Ordinary Juan….

A Voice of Ordinary Juan….

Election in United States was over and re-electionist President Barack Obama did it again…. Congratulation Sir…

During the entire period  I am one of whom consistently following the details about the whole process and one thing I really admire for the whole season of election in United States is there electoral system…

Fast and clean… I am referring to how there elections went on: The election starts early and before the 24 hours ended the result already given to the public; I am hats off to his opponent Mr. Mitt Romney for conceding about the results. The both parties had one vision and to bring peaceful and unity to the people, even they are differ in so many ways. For some countries including mine conceding the results is not that easy.

I can’t help but wishing that this system should adapt here in my country, election is on 2013 and as a Filipino citizen I can’t help but feel excited to know and see what’s next in my country.

So, how to start? What to begin? These are few questions runs to my mind for what should be my bases for my votes.

As one of Juan, I want someone who can truly understand what Juan’s really needs. Empowerment of education system, more jobs to offer, home for the homeless, right to impose for all, knows really how to bring up our economy and someone who have truly heart for the people.

I am not saying it is not happening now but, is ordinary Juan feel the changes? Is Juan satisfied with where is our country right now?  It is in your end to know the answer….

As one of Juan, I must admit I felt satiated every time I watched the news and saw how some of our politicians use media as word war zone for their beliefs and principles, more debates but every time I went outside I saw and feel the problem that I felt 25 years ago.

As one of Juan I feel dismay every time the prices run high, tuition fee increase, transportation increase and yet our take home pay still the same.

I always want my country to rise and I never loss hope that those problems I mentioned above are still having a solution.

As one of Juan I  feel happy every time I heard the news that our economy going okay, new projects launched, new bills, laws and proposals passed to protect the rights and bring changes to the life of every Juan.

How to start? Of course by registering and make sure we vote. One vote matters, let’s take the opportunity to use this right to choose the right one for our country. I know it’s a bit early to talk about it but for me time always matters. At least Juan has lots of time to reflect their bases not only… base for what we read in  ads, banner, hear from other people say, political propaganda and campaign materials.

Let’s take election as our one step for innovation to make decision that affects not only individual life but the life of all Juan in all stages. Let’s our voice be heard by writing the name of our choosing candidates in our ballots on 2013 elections.

DISCLAIMER: It is merely an Observation and Opinion coming from the mind of Ordinary Juan and does not apply or pin pointing specific person or  politicians…

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Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

6 thoughts on “A Voice of Ordinary Juan….”

  1. I followed the American election as well and am thoroughly happy that Obama won! I don’t know much about your politics, I’m afraid, but I hope your people raise their voices and that some sort of positive wind is waiting.

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