Womanizing… IS it an Issue?


“Man are born polygamous”

 This is the popular saying I always heard every time the womanizing issue was discussed. Opppsss…. I am not bringing up a fight in here, and before guys throw me something or put me on fire … let’s discussed….. 😉

 Womanizing is one of the issue that most married couples facing right now. It is man having or engaging in numerous affairs to other women aside from his wife.

 Is it because man’s nature? Or deals something with man’s ego? Or man’s being Polygamous?

 As I observed base on some personal experiences, friends, family, relatives and society exposure, my opinion is:

 Man having an affair to other woman is not because they are born polygamous but it is base on Man by nature easily fall and can’t resist the temptation if it is in front of them. Most are not vocal to their opinion and comments especially if they are bound in marriage.

 For example, for married guy, they are not satisfied with how they wife performed especially to bed, or their wife having shortcomings due to; day-to-day household chores and attending the needs of the family.

 For certain men, having an affair are more challenging and bring excitement and ego. I am not saying in general but some are looking always for new experiences and thrill. Some are afraid of having a commitment and take their relationship into serious level.  

 Where is the commitment? Is it now only in dreams? What is a commitment? Hm, come to think of it?

 According to my friend Wikipedia: Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, relationship, agreement etc.. It is also known as a pledge or an undertaking. A commitment is never supposed to be broken, if it is broken; that means it was never a commitment rather was just a pretension and lying.

 In other words is it a man and woman dedication, committed to ones relationship, for thicker or thinner.

 Okay let’s face it, I always heard especially to a man out there having an affair ….. AGAIN….  I am not pointing anyone…. If it strikes to you …  meaning to say it is for you…. He wants to try another menu or dish, for a change, for fun, just for experience……. Oh common!

 Granted, I understand if we eat pasta today and tomorrow pasta again and for the next day pasta again…. You feel satiated….. but please don’t use food as an excuse and comparison if you feel bored and not satisfied with your relationship…. remember this is the reason why there are lots of cooking experiment done and lots of food ingredients we used to make an evolution for any food recipe….. Just a breather we are taking this thing seriously… ;-)…..

 Womanizing is it an issue?

 For me, it is the outcome and  one of the reasons why having failed marriages, for some due to frustration and feeling that he can no longer get connected to his partner, lack of communication, lack of time to each other, lack of intimacy, jealousy that leads to anger and disrespect…

 The both parties need to have an open and clear communication, don’t wait your man to look for someone who can fill his needs and wants, sometimes it is kinda challenging to act as a wife and same time his mistress and for the man why not try to talk to your partner and explain and discussed further for all the things you wanted… work hard on your marriage, give time to each other, it is not bad to surprised him with a kick …. Hahaha… you know what I mean…. And as much as possible preserve the respect and trust to each other….  

 Into a relationship is like walking on a road with different path from smooth to rocky until we reached the end. I am not saying man is always the reason why some marriage fails; it is always takes two to tango…. Don’t give any reason why you can’t fulfill your promise that you are going to love him/her for better or worse till death do us part…. 


Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

11 thoughts on “Womanizing… IS it an Issue?”

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  2. Hi Will o’ Heart,

    Why are we focussing on “Womanising” alone? Could there be cases of infidelity the other way round? I appreciate the various possible reasons offered in your post. To me however it all boils down to the very complex and changing structure of thoughts, expectations and beliefs each one of us bring in into every relationship, be it with the opposite sex or otherwise. The sheer complexity of this structure itself leads to a certain probability of the relationship succeeding over time or not. To give this an aura of values and righteousness may not be correct therefore.

    Enjoyed reading your post as always.


    1. :-), I appreciate your thoughts my friend, actually it is just the beginning of the series that I wanted to write and I am glad you share something to adds up, by the way how are you and your family? hope all is well in your end… God Bless….

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