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Most of us wanted to find a perfect one, the love of our life, our future better half. Someone who will stay beside us, accept whoever we are, or remain with us for a lifetime. Every one of us wanted to have someone whom we grew older beside us.

Sound Sweet … Isn’t it?

But life is not sweet all the time; we all knew everything should be accompanied with responsibility. Just like others, we need to take good care of our relationship because LOVE is not enough, it should be spice up with different ingredients to make it alive.

In the beginning, relationship is like a fire, all is good, all is in best form, every part of it is wonderful, but we need to keep the fire burning.

So what do you think are the things we needed to make it long last, to stand out above all?

Stay happy: One of our responsibilities for our self is to find our happiness. Use your partner as source of it but do not expect him/her to be responsible for your happiness. It is always comes from within.

Respect: Remember you have individual differences; do not expect your partner to be the same wants just like you. Use communication to establish a common ground to understand different points of view and to create a mutual and common grounds.

Understand: Use your relationship as learning tools to have room to grow and widen your understanding. Be true and honest to your partner. Most couples have smooth and rocky time, try to discuss things and forgive one another, admit your mistakes if you do, apologized, after all nobody is perfect.

Be clear : Be clear in all things that you want from each other from attitudes of your partners, good or bad, including the money matter, because there are times money is one of the reason of misunderstanding.

Be Responsible: Know your responsibility, show your appreciation and spend some quality time for each other especially if you both are busy with your own career. Having common interest like in sports or simply watching movies well develop your intimacy.

And the most important ingredient is SUPPORT EACH OTHER.

When we exchanged I LOVE YOU, it doesn’t mean that you own your partners life. Remember love is a way to make you  a better person, so it is good to be in love and have a happy relationship to our partner….

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Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

4 thoughts on “ROAD TO STAND OUT….”

  1. Hi WOH,

    To me the core aspect is responsibility. Stephen Covey explained this through coining the phrase: Response + ability.

    As we align our thoughts and actions towards being responsible for circumstances and situations around us, we can sense the shift in our perspective. New possibilities show up and we start responding differently. We become more empowered.

    Thank you the lovely post.


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