It’s December !! ….

It’s December !! ….

It’s December!! ………… Just like previous years I am excited for this season and to start up I want to start my post with full of love after all Christmas is the season of love, giving and sharing… Sooo…. Happy first day Of December ….  Let’s start counting….

A Perfect Christmas lyrics by Jose Mari Chan

My idea of a perfect Christmas
Is to spend it with you
In a party or dinner for two
Anywhere would do
Celebrating the yuletide season
Always lights up our lives
Simple pleasures are made special too
When they’re shared with you

Looking through some old photographs
Faces and friends we’ll always remember
Watching busy shoppers rushing about
In the cool breeze of December
Sparkling lights all over town
Children’s carols in the air
By the Christmas tree
A shower of stardust on your hair

I can’t think of a better Christmas
Than my wish coming true
And my wish is that you’d let me spend
My whole life with you

Repeat Chorus:

I can’t think of a better Christmas
Than my wish coming true
And my wish is that you’d let me spend
My whole life with you

My idea of a perfect Christmas
Is spending it with you

Love …. Love… Love…

It taste like cake…..Overflowing with sweetness….That runs into my veins

Just like a blood that gives life…..You’re like a wine that turns me insane

And make me thirsty and wanting for more…Love… Love… Love

Photo from:

LOve 2

Because I Love You…

I never imagined my life without you

Hanging around with me

Sharing meals every meal time

Taking walk at the park

Having good times at the mall

Enjoying moments at the beach

Every day passes by

By sharing laughter’s and giggles

By texting hi and hello

By greeting good morning, afternoon and evening

I never imagined my life without you

Even a single second

Every beat of my heart

You will always be here

Because …. I love you

Photos from:


If not for you…

If not for you…

I wonder where I am now

What road would I have taken

What path would I’ve be chosen

There are so many directions ahead of me

There are so many choices given to me

So many roads to walk

But  none of them makes me feel fulfilled

If not for you…

 I will never know the true meaning of love

The greatest feeling of knowing that someone always beside you

 Who is beautiful inside and out

Who is always kind, true and understanding

Who is always there to support me

Through thick and thin

Through light and darkness

If not for you…

Photos from:

love 3


I was walking at the same sea shore we’re we’ve first met

It is the same sand that touches to my feet

It is the same waves that I heard

When I felt your first touch

The same water that splash to my cheeks

When I taste the sweetness of your kiss

The same time when you hold my hand

And promised that you will never let me go

And the moment you hold me tightly

I promised that I will always

Love you for the rest of my life …. I do…


Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

10 thoughts on “It’s December !! ….”

  1. What beautiful words, making the heart warm. All was good in December! 🙂

    Love that photo of the lovers, though…

  2. It is I who have missed your genuine and inspiring words! You have done a marvelous job with what you shared here, and they really set a lovely mood for the holidays with the romantic poems and music. Always one with you in spirit….God bless!

  3. Did you write all of these? They’re good! Especially like “if not for you…” I often think of the insignificant moments, the minor choices, which turn out to have huge consequences on your life.
    I’m getting in the mood for Christmas now (my one post a day until Christmas only stresses me out) but I’m looking forward to the holidays!

  4. Oh, how beautiful, and what a terrific way to begin December and the Christmas season! Love both the music and the poems! Wishing you a wonderful weekend! ~ Julie 🙂 xox

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