Work SMART, Be on Top.

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Have you ever wondered one day when you woke up in the morning and you find nothing left to you? Not even a single cent left in your pocket. Moreover, the irony you’d been working so hard for so many years to get what you dream of and vanished everything in one single mistake.

Our life, your life can be possibly changed in one day or in just one tick of a clock because of your decision made today.

Truly, there are so many unpredictable moments in our life no matter how we studied and plan; we do not have control over it. It is so unfair, isn’t it? Who tells that life is fair?

If you look around you can see different types of people from a different level, meaning there are people belongs to a hardworking class who works hard to at least have something on their table, they are the laborers. There is a working-class who works with their skills and degree and able to achieve their dreams by striving their best to be on the top. Also, on the top are the rich and famous who have everything money, power, and all the luck on the world to stay on the top.

However, lives prepare and always have a twist, you will never know. Today you belong to class E but maybe tomorrow you will see your name in one of the famous. Everything is possible, but you cannot achieve what you wanted in one day or just one strike of faith.

When I was young I always make a comparison between the rich and the poor, at a younger age I would clearly saw the bigger difference between people who have everything and the people who have nothing.  That is a fact, but now I’ve come to realize why making a comparison.

What I am trying to say is where ever side you belong it always depends on you on how you find happiness and meaning for everything you do. Come to think of it: What is your purpose why you are here on earth and lives? Have you wake up one day and you feel empty?  Now it’s your turn to find the answer…

Everything happening to us as individuals always depend on the decision we make in our life no matter we belong to a rich or poor family or what part of the world we came from. The happiness and the true meaning of our life will be depending on how we look at life at every angle.

Sometimes we heard the saying I am just there, what can I do? I do not have this and this. Okay granted, but why you are looking for something which is not there, why don’t you cultivate those things that you have and be on its best. Who says to be on top and feel the success of being alive is for the rich and famous only. Be on top anyway no matter where side you belong.  Try to improve, recreate and most of all have a positive outlook in life.

Have faith in God and be thankful for everything you received. Do not expect the 100 to become 1000 in one day because life is not magic it is all about hard work, focus, and determination to achieve your goal.  Do not give up, failure is part of the journey, if you fail, stand, and try again. Do not compare yourself to others and feel envy about what they had. Next time, try to look at them as inspiration that everything is possible …. if you TRY…..

Now it’s your turn to decide…..

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  1. I love your post, thanks for sharing….. my husband and I live in a remote Aboriginal community in the desert region of Australia and its been a real witness to me how happy and less stressful these people are – they don’t work, they don’t have much and by all appearance their lives are a mess, yet they get through each day with a smile…. all of the things we spend so much time and money on, all the hours we stress and labour to earn that money, and in one moment it can all be gone….
    The only security we really have is the Rock of all ages….
    Be blessed 🙂

  2. Excellent, WillofHeart. I personally have only recently marvelled how the people north in Australia coped with bushfires…and then another lot coped with floods. That is, “yesterday” all was well & they had a home etc etc, the next day, their home is under water/burned to cinders – how do they start again, how do they endure? I think they’re amazing.

    Really appreciate the strength of this post – and reading it first thing before work today, has me thinking….

    1. thank you so much, yes I agree with you, here in my country we’re always hit by the typhoon almost every month and sometimes 2 in a row, but after the math what amazed me most was the smile and strength to move on… happy weekend and God Bless… 🙂

  3. Beautiful writeup here. I suddenly remembered a quote, but I don’t remember who said it “you must lose everything to gain something.”
    Then, I recall moments where I felt like you said. Waking up with nothing, but how that moment felt at the bottom, but so full of opportunity. When at the bottom, there’s nowhere else to go, but up! 🙂

    1. your right on it my friend, there are things we experienced that made us weak and losing hope and often times we drowned to the situation we think we can’t move on, but no matter how life hit us, it is best to move forward …. happy weekend, God Bless… 🙂

  4. Wise words my friend. I have had quite a reversal of fortune this last year or so and it has made me realise all the more what is truly important in life. This experience has been priceless and I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.

    1. I agree with you dear, sometimes there are things happening to us that awakes us to see what is truly important in our life, happy weekend and extend my regards to the entire family… God Bless… 🙂

  5. It reminds me of that … Er? …. What-haveyou …. Where they say that a butterfly can cause an earthquake. I know it’s a long shot but it’s kind of what you’re saying when a single move, choice or decision can make or break you.
    As to the blur lines between rich and the famous, like what I said from my recent post, it’s all in the perspective. The poor gets content with what they. They have less, they lose less. And the rich, they have more, they lose more. Mind you, the rich still continue to fight life day to day and search for happiness just like the poor. It’s the same. It really is a matter of perspective. 😉

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