One Step Ahead… (Voice Of Ordinary Juan 2)

I started this in my first post… Voice Of Ordinary Juan, in my previous post,  I tackled about how I am impressed with what I’ve observe in United States Election. As one of Juan, I am truly amazed how election ended and how the opponents agreed the result.

Its election time here in the Philippines, now it is my countries turn, the election campaign begun last January 13, 2013. It started  with lots of debate regarding the total gun ban or gun control.  As one of Juan, why this issue always brought out every election period? Would it be possible to impose it throughout the year?

Gun Ban Take effect In the Philippines and will end on June 13, 2013 see the link for the news:

I cannot agree for the total Gun Ban because we are giving the criminals the chance to do crimes.  Our authorities need to work hard to have a total gun control so that crimes like happened in New Years Eve that killed two innocent children won’t happen again due to some private citizen freely own an illegal gun. For me it becomes useless because authorities not allowed inspecting guns hidden inside the cars and motorcycles of suspected lawless elements and goons of politicians without a search warrant because it is a violation of human rights. Hm, pretty tough huh!?

Nevertheless, it is purely an opinion coming from the mind of Ordinary Juan after all Gun Ban takes effect already.

Now the media is getting hot due to the arguments, debate and word war between some senators. It is the issue regarding the MOOE (maintenance and other operating expenses) given by the Senate President for additional funds of the Senators.

I am one of Juan, who wants to know the truth regarding MOOE of Senators and how they used the funds.

Sir/Ma’am lots of Juan badly needed help because of continuously hitting the typhoon in our country. Lots of Ordinary Juan wants to hear the truth regarding the issues. So many issues need actions like the solutions of heavy traffic, trash, Floods, High Crime rates, Drugs, Poor educational value, Graft and corruption, Pollution, Poor health care, and homeless. There are lots who do not have stable job and still in hunger and poverty.

I am one of Juan who wants to pass the Divorce Bill, FOI (Freedom of Information) Bill, and laws that truly protecting the interest of Filipino People.  Whew! As I have said I can never be tired of bringing out my voice regarding the issues…. 😉

Now every Juan seen different ads and campaign materials from our candidates, presenting all the things they did and plans to make Philippines to become a better nation.

Election here it comes, no matter whose our bet, let’s take a look of all the things they done to our country, Are they performing well? Are they good example for our future generation? Are they a law-abiding citizen, God-fearing? Are they truly a public servant?

Juan De la Cruz, what is your objective why you VOTE?

Let us not do it because it is one of our right but we do it because we want to see the changes, and a leaders who will devote their selves for the Filipino people and not for power. We do it because we want changes. Let us use this as one-step for a new beginning, for a better Philippines. I am not saying we do not have changes; I am referring to continuously having better governance.  Let our voice be heard, one vote matter, let us take the opportunity to use this right to choose the right one for our country. Let us use elections as one-step for innovation to make decision that affects not only individual life but also the life of all Juan in all stages.

Now it is your chance to choose…

One more thing as one of Ordinary Juan I am impressed the way COMELEC handle the election period for 2013 on May. Hats off to Sir Sixto Brillantes, keep up the good work Sir…

DISCLAIMER: It is merely an OBSERVATION and OPINION coming from the mind of Ordinary Juan and does not apply or pin pointing specific person or politicians…

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Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

8 thoughts on “One Step Ahead… (Voice Of Ordinary Juan 2)”

  1. Interesting writeup here my friend. Yes, it’s a big topic here in USA too. The funny part is that the lower crime rates HERE are where good honest citizens have more guns. Without a gun, a father, for example can be quickly detained by “bad guys” even if the bad guys only have a club, or nothing actually. Then the father then has to helplessly watch as his children and wife get what he could have prevented with a gun. Guns weild incredible power, but the bad guys get them too unfortunately. It would all be better if we could afford a police office guarding the door of every house.
    Just saying my thought on the whole thing as it’s always a topic in USA. I’m not trying to debate 😀

    1. How I wish too here in my country, this is the reason why I am not agree in total gun ban, I guess what the society needs is total gun control and responsible gun handling, criminals are everywhere and they are just waiting for there victims…

  2. Will of heart, I just saw a list of countries that have the most violent crimes with guns. US is the 13th, but considering the US has 300,ooo gun in private hands, I realize that’s low compared to the Philippines which is the 11th in the list.

    1. Yes Ren that is a fact, this is why I don’t understand the implementation, why not doing the gun control all through out the year, last new year’s eve two innocent children died because of loss firing, How I wish this issue resolved and bring the war in implementing laws for all the gun owners and not only on debate…

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