2013 Philippine Election

Ana Katrina Aquino Photo

Thank you so much to Ms. Anna Aquino for the Photo…

Less than one month and Filipinos need to choose again, who will be the candidate’s seat for the positions.

There are so many campaign materials and so many ads that truly encouraging the voters to choose them. For some they are showing long list of achievements and qualifications on their previous position and works. There are some endorsed by celebrities, influential people and politicians, religious organizations, student body, government and non-government organization and party list..

With all of those influences and strategies, how are we Filipino people pick our list? What would be the bases and traits of our candidates should possess? Don’t let our judgment affect by those campaign materials and propaganda. Me, as a voter, as one of ordinary Juan, my pick should be a person who have:

1.)   Determination and dedication to serve the people no matter he/she will facing who ever in the name of truth and justice.

2.)   He/ She can stand on his/her decision and principles, not biased, not easily influenced by other opinions and influences.

3.)   He/she  have heart and knows what Filipino people truly needs, who have strong faith and believe in God, who strongly believe the value of family, have a greater respect of human rights and democracy.

4.)   He/she knows how to be a real public servant, respectful, courteous, good taxpayer, selfless and hardworking.  Who willingly be transparent with all information should be shared publicly, knows by heart his/her duty to Filipino people with or without camera, not too emotional or radical.

5.)   Have a concrete and clear program to follow, have long-term solutions to social, economical, and political issues, consistent, and strongly hold for the interest of many.

I know there are some who felt satiated because they feel that there are no changes in our country in terms of better life, more jobs, educational system, laws need to pass and implement, graft and corruption, agricultural problems, health and medical issues, waste management,  poverty, hunger and a lot more.

However, are we going to surrender to achieve our dream for a better country? Let us use this opportunity to choose the right person who will serve for the best interest of Filipino people.

Is our pick should be rich and famous, coming from a family of politicians, graduated from Law School, master in English, ordinary candidates, or ordinary people?  It is in our hands, your hands, our choice, your choice, to choose, to make changes.

 Let us Vote…



Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

12 thoughts on “2013 Philippine Election”

  1. Australia needed some guidance like this recently. Great post – very level.

    Our election is over now… so good luck with yours!

  2. A very thought provoking post, WOH. Your wish list of the candidates makes great reading. But more than everything else, I believe the quality that is needed is an intrinsic passion to connect and serve. How could this quality be determined in advance?


  3. Nice post and regards.

    Vote wisely and according to your conscience.

    PAANO MO KIKILATISIN ANG ISANG KANDIDATO? Iboboto mo ba siya dahil siya ay anak, asawa o kamag-anak ng dati ng kumandidato? Kapag ganyan, pinapahintulutan natin na umiral ang political dynasty.

    1. May kakayahan ba siya?

    2. Tunay ba siyang maaasahan? Natupad ba ang mga pangako?

    3. Ano ang klase ng kanyang pamumuhay? Simple o nagpapaalipin sa mga sari saring bisyo.

    4. Paano niya ginamit ang pondo? Para ba sa pangsariling kapakanan o nagpapakayaman at binubusog ang bulsa.

    5. Nakalagay ba ang kanyang poster sa tamang lugar? Common poster area.

    6. Ang sabi niya ay isa siyang public servant. Naramdaman mo ba ang kanyang serbisyo? Kung may salita may gawa.

    7. May integridad. Madali ba siyang masuhulan?

    8. Nasangkot ba siya sa katiwalian o anomalya?

    9. Saan ba siya talaga nakatira?

    10. Ginagawang sangkalan ang pangalan ng panginoon. Kagustuhan DAW ng panginoon.

    11. Ang sabi niya marami siyang nagawang batas. Naipatupad ba ng maayos? Para ba sa nakakarami?



  4. Your message is very thought provoking and yet everything you share is always so very meaningful truthful and real. I have missed the embrace of your words! Hope all is well with you as you are always in my prayers. God bless!

  5. Great post .Politicians have the same agenda all over the world.Thank you for liking my recent post ( Don’t rush we can wait.) My regards.jalal

  6. You truly describe the dream candidate. People like that are very hard to find, especially in politics, but I still wish you and your country the best of luck in the coming election!

    1. hahaha you’re right on it my dear friend this is the reason why until now I can’t complete my list, but still I am positive about the election and hoping new leader bring more positivity…

  7. A great article, well I usually receive notifications in my email for new articles of other blogs and instantly when I saw this one.. I didn’t hesitate to open the link and continue reading the whole article. This is perfect and I hope many Juan out there can read this -thus be awakened before the actual election takes place! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my site, it is my small way of campaigning for cleaner election, I hope through this I bring awareness and encouragement that nothing is impossible sa bayan ni Juan, if we just choose the right path… Juan should use their mind and heart in choosing their candidates for local and national election.

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