Let the LOVE … Survive…


  Have you ever wondered why some relationships    failed and some choose the separate ways because  their relationship is simply not working?  I am referring  to a romantic relationship, simply defined as emotional  connections between people.

 We knew that all relationship undergo struggles and  difficulties. So, why some are failed? What are the    things we  need to do to have a successful one?

 Simple…Let the LOVE … Survive…

Love  is an emotion where everybody feels, it is a virtue representing of kindness, compassion, affection, concerned and getting involved to someone’s life. It is a universal feeling and according to old saying, NO LOVE CAN BE WRONG. Love is perfect for someone who feels it, it is a blessing from above, and it makes the world go round. Love is simply pulling and attracting individuals, attracting the entire universe, to understand each other, give each other, and makes this planet earth worth place to live in.

There are so many kinds of love and the most complicated among all, is our love to someone who will become our partner for the rest of our life.

If we straightly depend on the meaning of Love, everything is perfect. Right?

When two individuals meet, they take time to know each other, from favorite foods, travels, passion, work, friends, and family. As they go along, emotions develop, as they knew each other deeper, they get into relationship until they decided to get married. For most couples it is the normal situation and for some, instant as in fall each other arms the first time they met. Although I had read numerous article and books about love at first sight, I do not believe on this crop, really. What I believed is attraction at first sight then love develops later. Let’s argue with this next time … 😉

 In our present environment, I usually observed in every relationship it is always start with greatness, full of passion, everything is perfect. However, after a couple of months and years, the sweet honey turns to bitter gourd.

Why? Is it because love is not perfect all the time? Or, love is not the only reason why we become together? Is it society influences or it is in state of mind for so many? Whew! So broad…

In my journey, I’ve seen numerous couples, different situations, different lifestyle, struggles, and beliefs but I observed  one thing in common, For so many, as they go along the way they forgot that in marriage or in every relationship it changes from time to time.

For the first part of any relationship everything is on developmental stage, you are exploring each other, from wants, needs, attitudes. On this stage, the priorities, attention, and time are for you and me.

 On the next part, the couple becomes bigger, children come, it is the part where in any relationship changes from you, and me to you and them, things and priorities especially to women varies. The kids will become the priorities, for some if they had four or more children the attention fully given to the kids.

I noticed for many, it is the part where the relationship becomes rocky because of what they called “lacking of attention and time to each other”. It is the part for some having an affair, arguing almost every day as if they did not knew each other. Okay let us face it, there is no excuse for this matter if I am referring to the word must… However, just like what I have said it is the part of the word changes from time to time for any relationship.

For man, husband, boyfriend, or partner who is working, okay granted you are tired for the whole day of working. However, you cannot see the side of a women, wife, girlfriend, or partner who is taking good care of your family, working, doing, and attending all the household needs, bringing kids to school, attending meetings, organizing everything at home. If we just look to the arguments, you both tired and having things need to do and need to attend.

There are so many ways to make the fire burning and keeping it burning. It is in every couples hand on how to keep the passion alive, do not make the stress of individual task ruin the relationship you are building and molding.

The time and attention varies, instead of having a couple’s date, why not making it a families date. It is also a good opportunity to explore and know your kids and bond with them. Take your partner at least once a month for lunch while children are in school, together do the late snacks at home once in a while, watching movies before going to bed, having common sports or in weekends while you have no work try to help your partner in household chores and after that going out with the family. Have a constant communication and make it open communication; do not let your partner find someone who will listen his/her stories. Do not just be a wife or husband to your partner be their best friend, best confidante in most need times, number one supporter and fan. Moreover, always make him/her feel that they are remains the same through the years.

In reality relationship is facing so many trials and struggles, I know that, we knew that, don’t let the shortcomings of your partner be the reason of barrier, and opportunities to some who does not know the value of family. You know whom am I referring to, right?  Always remember that your children are the first person who will get hurt and the first person who will ruin the lives if there is something happen in your relationship.

 Why letting the relationship meet the point that love vanish? Why not doing something to feel the love, keep intact, and make it worth to stay in each other arms.

I know nobody is perfect, we knew that, but who says we want a perfect person in our life. Why not be the right person for your partner?

I remembered one of my Grandfathers saying when we we are young, kiss is very powerful; this is their secret for 57 years of marriage. According to him never ever leave your house of not kissing your partner, and when you arrived from work kiss your partner again. I always saw them holding each other hand and I may say they are one of the reasons why I strongly believed in the power of love. Let the love burns between you no matter how the challenges of life hit you as a couple. Moreover, remember to put God at the center of everything and you will never ever go wrong.

Relationship is like a road, full of surprises, you never know what is next as we headed to our destination.

Remember….. Love is best if we share it with all of our heart, Love is sweeter if we knew how to take good care of it, and love is eternal if we share it to the right person. 😉



Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

7 thoughts on “Let the LOVE … Survive…”

  1. What a wonderful post and message, Lane! I agree in putting God in the center. I also feel respect and communication are key factors in keeping the relationship/marriage together. My hubby and I are going on 25 years in January and it’s true, after being together for so many years, people change, things change in your life, especially if you have children. You spend many years taking care of those little ones, guiding them to be wonderful adults.
    Then when they’re grown, it’s just the two of you. No matter how much you love someone, it takes work and both partners need to do their part in keeping the fire burning. It’s not always 50/50, in fact, I think that’s pretty rare. But it should even out over the long haul.
    I agree with you, I’m not sure about love at first sight; lust at first sight makes more sense. 🙂 Passion plays a big part and each moment together, you get to know one another even more…then love develops, as you said…anyway, I’m still in love with my husband and I still love him very much. We are each other’s best friends and it doesn’t mean we haven’t had road bumps, but we’ve done the road work necessary! 😉 I enjoyed this very much, my friend! Hugs to you…

    1. wow, congratulations for both of you dear, in your day to day post I honestly feel inspired by those, I agree with you ….respect and communication are the key factors in keeping the relationship/marriage together… While I am doing this post, it gives me a chill and different feeling that gosh, I am so ready to be with this situation… sending hugs… lane

  2. A thoughtful post and I need to acknowledge you for bringing up this issue here.

    To me the essence of relationship, specially between loved ones, lives in two questions which we need to reflect one from time time.

    ” What do you mean to your partner?” & ” What does your partner mean to you?” Whenever you catch yourself thinking, speaking and behaving in a way that is not serving your relationship, stop yourself in your tracks and ask these questions of yourself.



  3. P.S. I found you have to love God first, and yourself, before you can bless another with a genuine love. If you embrace His love, you will be lead by His love in all you seek to do, and your spirit will lead you to share wholesomely with another!!!!

  4. I look back sometimes and I wonder what causes us to choose another, I always seemed to go in circles and the outcome would always end up the same way. I got tired, and turned to one whom I ran away from so often, and chose to follow Him, one of the things I asked though is for Him to choose someone for me to love and marry. And now 36 years later, she can wake up in the morning and smile at me, and her smile still takes my breath away. She is my best friend, and I am still in love with her. She can say my name and I will still stop in my tracks and I give thanks to God everyday for that gift of love and joy He blessed me with. I took a chance in faith, and it was such a worthwhile choice. Give it a try! I love your message, have a wonderful weekend my friend! God bless!

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