Siquijor Series: Local Painters

I found this post just this morning , as a Filipino I always wanted to share the beauty of my country as well as the different talents of the Filipinos. If you guys have the chance to visit in my country you can check it out Siquijor…

Source Wikipedia:
Siquijor is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. To the northwest of Siquijor are Cebu and Negros, to the northeast is Bohol and to the south, across the Bohol Sea, is the island of Mindanao. It is the third smallest province in the country, in terms of population as well as land area (after Camiguin and Batanes).

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Being an artist, I also celebrate the works of other artists who possess amazing talent.

While in Siquijor Island last week for the weeklong charter day celebration, I had a chance to discover the talent of local painters. I was able to view their works at the Agro Trade Fair located at the Catholic Church grounds in Siquijor.

One thing I can say, it was like viewing an art exhibit in a big gallery not in a cramped booth because of the richness of the talents.

A few of the artworks on display in their booth. Pardon the bad perspective of some of the photos.



And the famous bolo-bolo healing performed by some folk healers in the island.


While this one made me smile. The famous Tanduay Rhum immortalized.




The paintings were created by artists who are part of a local art group in Siquijor.

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