Hitting the letters….


 Letters wanted to come out in my rambling mind, there are a lot of scenario that I am waited to share. One of my favorite sequences when I am reading a novel is the complicated love story. I always wanted to read something similar to what are the things happened in reality.

 When we are in love, most of us see the world in perfect figure. Everything is correct and wonderful. But is love all matter to have a happy life? To have a perfect marriage?

 I don’t know how it came but while I am listening to one of my fave song “All the man that I need” sung by Whitney Houston, my fingers type like it has their own mind and here it comes. I am just hoping I bring thrilled for a few letters…

 Carrie is sophisticated and highly world known photographer who falls in love nothing but to her image, creations and ambitions.  She is always on the go and doesn’t know how to get attractive in opposite sex. For her, it’s a waste of time falling in love and giving your attention to someone who doesn’t have the power to fulfill her ambition.  She is too busy building her career and ambition… she needs to focus nothing else but to be on the top.

 Life is full of promises and for her, the only person who will help her to achieved everything what she wanted in life is the hottest bachelor in town who owned the biggest chain of businesses located in different part of the world. She knew she has the beauty that every man dreamed of, flawless skin, curvaceous body,  intelligent, aggressive and no one knew she possess the guts that no one can understand except to her mother who have the same vision as her.

When she was young, her mother always told her to be smart and wise. Use her beauty and brain to get the richest man who will marry her. A man who can give her all the luxury in life, she was trained very well, from head to toe, how to communicate, be classy, knew the latest fashion and all lady like manners known for  high society.

All her life together with her mother, she prepared to hook a great catch, for her, love is stupidity. Getting attracted is considering defeat and to win the battle she makes sure her head is on top of everything.

In a social gathering where all rich and famous are invited, she made her first step. To caught the attention of one of the hottest bachelor in town. She knew him well; she made sure she researched everything about the target.

While everybody are busy mingling each other, in perfect time she slowly walked going in a party. Wearing red fitted short dress; open at the back, 3 inches black velvet shoes. The dress is perfectly fitted on her body. she looks so seductive, but classy.

She is quite aware she is catching attention while walking slowly, for women, it clearly seen the envy on their eyes. For men who is watching her every moves, they cannot hide the desire, studying every sway of her hips while walking very gracefully.

Lance caught by a woman who came late to a party. A woman who walked very sensual to her red dress hypnotized her. She has a devilish appeal and moves like one of the top model he knew.

He got surprised from the sudden urge he feel from his bottom. Damn, he murmured, I got affected by her charm.

Lance knew for being womanizer, he always gets what he wants. Woman always swooned in front of him.

Carrie perfectly aware about the attention she gets from the crowd. In an artfully way she glanced at the side where the target is and simply checking of what is his reaction.

Lance Mondragon, one of the hottest bachelor in town, who owned the biggest chain of businesses located all over the world. Tall, Dark and with have an oozing sex appeal. Known for being womanizer, doesn’t believed in marriage. For him, marriage is a waste of time. He valued his freedom, he doesn’t want to have a woman who will own him and dictated him on what to do. He hates marriage life, he hates having serious relationship. For him it is all bullshit.

 Hi, I’m Lance Mondragon, a very manly toned called Carries attention. She looked at him and ignored the man. She smiled very coolly and passed him as if he is not there.  Lance feel embarrassed, it was the first time someone ignored his presence. His ego can’t accept the rejection. Carrie smiled mysteriously; she knew how to play this game to her target.

Womanizer, don’t believed in marriage and high mighty meets an ambitious and player, who will win? Is love can change them? Are they destined to be together? Or they fall and forget everything but true love.

Okay…. Folks, I am still working out to finish this story. See you next time…. Hope you are getting thrilled what is next…. 

Photo thanks to: pheromoneadvantage.com


Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

7 thoughts on “Hitting the letters….”

  1. Hope you don’t mind it. I’ve made a few changes:

    Carrie Bloom was a sophisticated and highly acclaimed photographer. Unfortunately the only person who agreed with that description of her was her mother. She had talent and ambition, but these could only get you that far in the world. She needed to find a promoter, someone with the right connections to believe in her work as much as she did, and give her a break.
    The only person who could help her go further in the art world was Lance Mondragon, the owner of the most exclusive chain of art galleries and exhibition spaces in the world. If you got your work into a Mondragon exhibition, you made it as an artist.
    Her images, creations and ambitions were her only love. Networking with those who had the power to fulfill her ambition, could give her exactly that. Always on the go, she cared little about the opposite sex. For her, falling in love was a waste of time, a distraction from her main ambition: building a successful career, getting to the top. And yet, Carrie had to agree that Lance, this untamed womanizer, did ooze sex appeal. His simmering dark looks earned him the hottest American bachelor in town award, as far as she was concerned. The problem was that he valued his freedom as much as she valued her independence.
    Over the past few months all her attempts to get him to see her work in its own right had failed. He was open-minded when it came to art, but photography rarely featured in his exhibitions. Carrie needed to change that, and since her professional attempts to get his attention had let her down, she decided that it couldn’t hurt getting her womanly wiles into the mix: anything to get her artwork the coverage it deserved.
    She knew that men found her irresistible, and although she didn’t want to get by in life on her looks alone, she didn’t hesitate to use them when she needed to. Her beauty and exercise routine brought the desired results: perfectly toned curves and flawless skin. Neither would mean anything had she not been intelligent and pursued her goals aggressively, her mother was right about that. You had to have more than brains and beauty to make it in this world. You needed guts too.
    If Lance Mondragon refused to give his assistance willingly, she had no other choice than to play him at the other game: make him want her. His new gallery launch offered the perfect opportunity for her to make her first move and get his attention. She came prepared, having researched everything about the target beforehand.
    Lance Mondragon favoured red, so Carrie obliged. She was deliberately late, wanting to make sure that her arrival would not go unnoticed. Her choice of dress was daring: under the gallery spotlight the shimmering silk hugged her curves in a seductive glow of burgundy flames. Aware that she caught everyone’s attention, as the buzz of conversation came to a standstill all around her, she moved with deliberate ease through the crowd. She cared little about the women who clutched their partners’ arms possessively as she passed them. That men should be watching her every move, unable to conceal their admiration, was of no interest to her. She had a task to accomplish, and none of these people mattered.
    She noticed Lance watch her approach. One more step and she was at his side.
    “Hi, I’m Lance Mondragon.”
    Carrie pretended not to hear, and passed within an inch of him, a detached smile on her lips. She had to ignore him. It wasn’t easy, but Lance always got what he wanted. Women swooned in his presence. Her only chance was to ignore him enough to get him interested, banking on his ego being too big to accept rejection.
    The game was on.

      1. Glad to hear it. I was a little worried I may have overstepped the mark a little 😉 Thing is, I am in the middle of revising my own novel so editing has become second nature these past few weeks. xx

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