Sagada – the other side

Sagada is a province possessed with a breathtaking view perfect for a gate away, vacation and relaxation alone by yourself, with friends or families. I always wanted to explore this place, I am happy I found this blog shared breathtaking photos and activities where backpackers, hikers, and campers will surely love and enjoy.

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful place located in Mountain Province, Philippines as well as information that helps those who wanted to experience the beauty of the place.


Weekend is not enough to explore the beauty of Sagada. Since this is in Mountain Province lot of things Sagada has to offer – its mountain ranges, rice terraces, falls and lake, and of course the chilly weather. One thing I love about Sagada is just chilling over a cup of coffee on a very breezy and cold weather with a backdrop of mountains – isn’t that great?
Since this is far from Manila – people usually takes tour packages from Manila for comfortable travel and all. But then 2 days is not enough unless you just want the usual tour package but if you want more of Sagada – try to hike Mt. Ampacao – and wait for sunrise in Marlboro Country.

I’ve been to Sagada through travel package and I would say that is was great – but then I told myself I will go back. From the…

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