Who got my vote after #PilipinasDebate2016?


Here is another Ordinary Juan sharing the tiny voice about who I am going to choose for President this upcoming Philippines Election 2016.

I honestly in doubt who will be my President because all Presidential candidates has the qualification, experiences and education needed for a President. Maybe all are vary in terms of length of service in the government, different position, different schools and universities, different awards and achievements but in totality they all have possess the capability to be the next President.

I am going to focus my pick not based on the above reason because in my opinion and heart as one of the Filipino, Philippines need someone who can fight corruption not just in words and promises, bring innovative changes base in real status of our country, can stand for what is right regardless of any reason and situation. My vote is for someone who is truthful with consistency for their actions, plans and words. Has a realistic vision of how they up bring their reforms, fearless and determined. I am going to consider also the cleanliness of their conscience and records.

With few of my list for who will be my President, I’ve came to realized Philippines need the intelligence of Sen. Mirriam Defensor Santiago, Courage and discipline of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Calmness, Heart and Poise of Sen. Grace Poe and Tuwid na Daan System of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas.

 Yesterday, I am one of the netizen who was actively tweeting my reaction every time the candidates speak up about certain issues.

I am thankful to Comelec and GMA 7 for the debate yesterday, although the time was too short to hear everything from the 5 Presidentiables aspirant but the event showed at least who will be my pick.

What about you fellow voters, who is your President for 2016 Philippine Election?

Photo credited to: http://www.philstar.com/

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