Why do we need to choose?….

Every day from the time we woke up, we choose. We choose what to eat for breakfast, what style for our hair, best make-up and suit for the day. We choose not only for our appearances but also for our personal life, decision, friends and even to our partner in life.

Every one of us, make choices, we choose!


Why do we need to choose? 

I am lying in my bed and having a moment to analyze everything in my life. From where I started up to where I am now.  And I have come to realize, there are so many things happened to me, I feel not contented because I choose not to choose. Not doing anything or not choosing anything is already a choice. I thought it is the safest thing to do at that particular moment.

Things happen for a reason, but we people have always the power to choose what we want and what are the things that make us happy.

Now I learned, in making choices we need to ask ourselves. If this choice makes us happy or not, are we satisfied? Are these options pushing or encouraged us to move on to the best, or it is worth trying for? Are our options accepted by our principles, do we really feel grateful and secured by our choices?

Whatever the outcome, it starts when we are making choices. Don’t rely upon our choices by what others told us to do so, there are such cases we asked opinions to make our options better, still to make it happen, it is in our hands.

It is better to make a choice because the greatest power that people possess is the power to choose…..

20 thoughts on “Why do we need to choose?….

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  1. I personally are just like you, and choose not to choose half the time. I’d rather let things take its course. That way, if things fall apart, I have more of a chance to be disappointed, but not feel like a failure. I used to be a risk taker. But I found, my choices, affected too many people negatively. So I decided until the time was right in life, I would “play it safe”.
    Most people disagree with this philosophy or my choice to do so, but unlike them, I don’t get so overwhelmed anymore when things turn to “sh*t”. Because in the back of my mind, I didn’t do much to influence that outcome.
    But one day, when the time is right, I will make bold choices again.

    1. thank you so much for liking and making comments on this post truly appreciated … 🙂 , yes sometimes to make a choice is not that easy specially if we need to consider people around us specially our family, but we need to make a choice coz as I’ve learned at the end of the day u r the one who will feel regret if u don’t … God Bless!…. 🙂

  2. Totally agree. Well done once again!
    Our heart is the best advice we should listen to when it comes to make a choice. But we should never wait till other make a choice for us, because in refusing to make the step we have to deal with somebody else choice and arrive most of the time exhausted and unhappy at the end of the road.
    Our choices might hurt us but from them there is always something to learn. And we grow from our experiences.
    Thank you for posting on such an important and inspiring subject.

  3. Ah, the power of choice. May we always make the best choices. But we know that’s not possible. But hey, that’s how we all learn. 🙂

    Inspiring post! 🙂 Better to take a stand than not to be a part of anything.

  4. Have you read about Sartre’s concept of bad faith? It’s quite similar to what you talk about here. You might want to follow it up.

  5. yes or no we have to make the choice anyway. life is full of choices indeed. i also wrote an entry less more like this but i don’t post it yet. just wait for the correct time 🙂

  6. They say that in survival situations the most important thing to do is to keep pushing your mind to make decisions. Go left or go right but the more you stop the more likely you are to give up, and that is the most fatal mistake. A resounding inspirational piece my friend. I am glad you chose to share it 🙂

    1. @fhhakansson…. I agree coz I feel regrets for so many opportunities that I loss coz I decided not to make any choice… thank you… best regards!

      @tellingsomebody…thank you so much for always checking …. 🙂

  7. Great post! It can be hard with all the choices in life – especially when one reflect back on them. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing that changes everything whether it is for a positive or negative change. Unfortunately all I see when I look back are lost opportunities. That’s why I never try to reflect much on the past but instead hope for a better tomorrow.

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