Basic Things To KNow Before Writing Online

Is Online Writing A Good Source of Income?


I decided to edit this post and shared some more clarity about the topic I wrote. When I wrote it, I just wanted to share my opinion regarding the subject matter in connection with the questions asked by my trainee.   That night, one of my trainee asked me what is exactly the reason why I love writing?

     Actually it is out of topic because we are tackling about customer service management, I never knew he was reading some of my works. And he bombarded me, with so many questions about writing and online writing.


Is it a good Source of Income? 

Online writing to set the record straight is not an easy way of earning money just like what the others are thinking. Why? Because you need to consider the following keys, its not writing things that comes from your rambling minds. If you want to try it as a part time  or full time job which ever you prefer. You must remember these:

Basic things to know before you decide to work Online:

Research:  If you decide to pass or bid an article to different writing sites for example Elance ,Odesk and many more there are certain requirements from the clients you need to achieve. It is best if you do a lot of research for the topics, for the keywords and for accurate information.Do not forget to ask permission from the sites and links you want to use and include them in your content if they allow you to use there contents for reference.

Study: Yes, you read it right! You need to study. I consumed 6 long hours in front of my computer not just reading and writing. Lots of my time used for studying how the content move in net. If I stumble to one of the site, I am becoming more observant, with their writing style, grammar, interconnection with different bloggers, keywords use, style and layout. If you visit my About Page one of my way of learning is to listen, hear and read the skills of others.

Blogging is a perfect tool to enhance and develop your skills. There are sites and blogs where there are no hassle in sharing your words but you must have time to interact and share your opinions and comments to some of the topic whom you find your passion and expertise. Blogging helps developing and enhance your writing style, I can assure you that 100%.

And Lastly, have heart and passion to READ, READ, and READ… Do not just give time to read lots of information around the net. You MUST love reading because I tell you it will become your edge because there are times you feel satiated and find reading boring.

For me writing is not just a source of my extra budget but also a form of my relaxation. I can share anything and everything without tiring my mouth to talk and make a chit chat to some of my friends. It is my internal way out of all the things coming from my rambling mind. The best part of it, it suits for a mother like me who wanted to spend lots of time to my child.

If you asked me, is it a good source of income? It depends on you. What do you think? You can share your journey to me.

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Author: Will Of Heart

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5 thoughts on “Basic Things To KNow Before Writing Online”

  1. I think many people have misconceptions when they startup websites or blogs. There’s no way around the requirement of work needed in the non-virtual realm to have a sell-worthy product in the virtual realm (even if the product is only one’s written thoughts.)
    I just love the networking aspect of blogging and being able to share my art. The money is made by personal contacts though (clothing designers, models, etc.) near me.
    Great post Lane

    1. Hi Sadia thank you for visiting, this site is only for my personal sharing and thoughts for so many things but I do have site used for my work which showcase my style of writing.
      Presently I have a site, actually we are four who made that site and as the days go by there are several who share their content. Most of the writers there are freelancers. You can visit at

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