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I missed this part where I am having a personal connection to some of my fave blogs through Prompt Like this. So to Bring back the excitement I am going to tagged again some of my fave Blogs and hopefully, you can join with me on this one. I am not going to edit the previous site I tagged to share with you the list of amazing blogs I am following since the day I started blogging. 

 I’d like to thank you, Lauren Scott,  Ash,  Sarah and  Simon for tagging me, now it is my turn to answer their chosen questions; this is interesting and fun. I am having a hard time answering some of the questions hahaha but I give it a try … so here it comes…

By the way, there are rules to follow to make it more exciting and enjoyable so let’s do this…

1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag your favorite blogs and link them to them on your post. (No required number to add the excitement)
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

And the following are the questions and answers so I hope you enjoy reading…

If you had a day off on your own what is the first thing you would want to do?  Aha, nothing, I just want to lay down all day long in bed, I don’t want anybody to disturb me until I woke up…. 

 If you could go back in time or forward which would you chose and why? I want to go back the time when my father is still alive even just for a minute I am going to hug him tightly and I am going to say that I love him very much…

What is your favorite smell/ scent? Mild Scent, it’s like a smell of fresh flower from the garden…

To date what has been your favorite age? Hm, I guess 6 to 10 years old, because that was the age that I don’t worry anything except what would be my next meal. hahaha…

Have you ever been in love? Of course, but I guess love isn’t enough that is why! …

 If you had to sum yourself up in 3 words what words would you pick? Appreciative, Determined, Hardworking

What do you think is the best thing about you? I have long patience, If I explode it means you push me to my limits.

 Tea or coffee? Which is the better drink? I prefer coffee, I am a coffee lover, I consumed 2 to 3 cups particularly if I am working. 

 Where is the best place you have been on holiday? For me, the best place is the beach because I love swimming  and mountains for trekking

Which is your favorite animal at the zoo, and why? Ah, eagle, because the eagle is a symbol of strength hope and determination.

Name 5 CDs that you would take to a desert island (which had electricity) with you: I am not going to give a name of what CD are but 1 for music, 1 for an action movie, 1 for a love story, 1 for suspense and thriller movie, and 1 for poetry, it really depends on my mood so at least I have a choice.

  What Muppet best describes you?  hm, I don’t know.

 Favorite type of flower? Rose particularly white

 Favorite cheese? White cheese and Parmesan cheese I love using it in cooking.

If you had to, would you pluck a duck (not a euphemism) or pickle a frog? Hm, I don’t like them both so I guess I am not doing any of it. 

 What is the best type of biscuit? Crackers will do for me but mostly I prefer my baked biscuits

 Your celebrity look-a-like? Ayayaya tough one 😉

 Where would you like to get married? Anywhere as long as it is a solemn wedding.

 What’s worse – being kicked in the nuts or giving birth? I think giving birth because your life is in danger and it is very very painful.

How many times a day, do you lie? I hate lying really if you can tell the truth then say it may be white lies if it is really needed but as much as possible no need.

 Name anyone weakness of yours: Ah my son and my youngest sister, they are my angel.

 One celebrity you would love to date? Hmmm, I want to be with Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt they are still so gorgeous hahaha Oh, Akshay Kumar because I love his eyes and here in the Philippines I love Monsour Del Rosario. 

 One place you would love to visit? Actually a lot but I want to go to India then Paris…

 Except for Writing and photography, what are your hobbies? I love singing but the song doesn’t love me … 🙂  I love playing guitar, one of my faves is going to the beach, exploring nature by nature tripping.

 One nasty thing you’ve ever done? I guess I am boring when it comes to it, nothing so nasty. 

 Two things you would love to do in your lifetime? Aha, I love writing preferably I can make novels.

 What’s your biggest nightmare? When I dreamed of my ex’s hahaha

 Do you wish to go back in the past? If I could, why not, but my main reason is my father I think we’re just given a little time to bond

 Black or white? Both

Your nickname? Everybody calls me  Lane at work, Nancy at home.

The wildest thing that you have ever done? A lot … 

 Have you found true love in life? Yes…

Your special quality? I am a good cook according to myself,  Rhen and siblings.

You’re the clearest memory of your childhood? My childhood was awesome with my family.

The color which describes you best? I guess blue and pink, pink because I am a real woman in all aspects but I have a touch of man especially in decision making. I am a man particularly when it comes to my sibling’s future.  My mother kept on saying I am a man trapped in a woman’s body. She is referring to my attitude.

Your favorite movie? My favorite movie is my first 50 dates because this movie really touches me …  Ah, this is true love for me…

 A song that describes you? My All by Mariah Carey … 😉

Your favorite novel? A lot, I read so many novels in the past until now and I honestly have a hard time to pick which is going to be my favorite.

 What keeps you up at Night? Work, I am mostly working at night…

What scares you? Leech, Losing love ones, Walking in a forest alone, hm, I guess no one does… 🙂

The Best and worst part is Blogging? Blogging is a tool where I develop my writing style and have a bonus of meeting friends whom I shared the same passion as mine. The worst part is sometimes hard to handle between reading, commenting and visiting some of my fave blogs. 

Here are the few whom I followed since the day I started this Blog and nominated before:

For my Just for Fun Bloggers:



1. ) What is the best and the worst part of Blogging?

2.) If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

3.) When you are reading, what topic caught you most? 

4.) What are the funniest moments that happen in your life?

5.) What is the wildest thing that you have ever done in your life? 

6.) If you have one day to live, what would be the most important thing you should do?

7.) What is more important for your love or stability?

8.) If you read something which topic first caught your interest?

9.) What is the first thing you do in life that you won’t ever forget?

10.) Give me one word that fits you? 

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  1. This was a very fun post to read! Some are quite tricky and yet you did a good job of answering them… most of them at least 😉 I’ll post this on my website as well! Sorry that it took such a long time but I’ve been away (as you might have read on my blog). I hope you find my answers entertaining as well 😀

  2. Wow, how much patience you do show with all of this detail! This is why I do not “do awards, as most of my blogging friends know! I am totally into my writing! I must get some stuff ready for various deadlines all the time. But I congratulate you most heartily for your awards and your wonderful insights and generosity towards so many other bloggers that I love!

  3. Loved reading more about you! Well done, that really was a lot of questions you had to respond to, lol. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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