What are the Benefits of Having Pets at Home?


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     “I PROMISE TO ACT”  … this is the famous tagline coming from one of the Local show here in the Philippines focusing on taking good care of animals, domesticated and wild. They featured Tips, Different Guides, Rules and Laws for the protection of all animals in all forms of abuse.

    Just like human they are also have needs and rights, to live and to share with us in this planet, so I do hope we are all giving them an equal share and same respect.

     Rhen loves animals, one time we are strolling in a park when he saw a homeless cat. He never stopped convincing me to bring the cat at home.  Before, I don’t want to have pet at home because he had an allergy and I am afraid having one made his allergy worst. That time I am following one of the blog wrote on how-to-take-good-care-of-dogs and cats, it honestly got my attention. So, to cut the story short I tried. We bought a dog from camp. Oh, My!  I told you guys its not easy at first, we made few adjustments at home starting from where he sleeps, puff and a feeding place for him.

     One of my brother who is also a dog lover, attend all the needs of our new family member. It is not surprising when Rhen helped him all the way.

How Having Pets Help Rhen?

     Every morning when he woke up, the very first thing he did, is to check Sparky if he was okay. Before leaving the house, he bid goodbye just as if he was saying bye to one of his friends. Sparky became his playmates and protector at the same time.

     Taking good care of the pets benefited a lot to our kids, they become more responsible. Everyday Rhen was the one who fed him, check his mattress because he doesn’t want to sleep without a blanket. He become more playful, it encourage him to have an exercise because of their daily activity such us running and playing like tug of war. LOL… yes you read it right. Rhen got a piece of cloth then Sparky begun to pull it from him then the game started.

     When Rhen arrived from school, Sparky greeted him and it made me feel that they missed each other. As I noticed it reduce Rhen’s stress, from his school activities. Bonding time with him made my son relax and I saw his compassion and affection to his pets.

Sparky truly adds joy to my son’s everyday life…

    How about you fellow parents? Share your experiences about having pets at home in a comment section.

Happy Parenting …. Mommy Lane


Author: Will Of Heart

Hello everyone, thank you for dropping by. This is my personal compilation of wordings, it can be Poetry, Short Stories, Reviews, Personal point of View or simply experiences gain from everyday lives. Enjoy reading!

4 thoughts on “What are the Benefits of Having Pets at Home?”

  1. Hi there,
    Pets are a must for me..I currently have three kitties,,one senior who is almost 24yrs, two saucy girls 10& 12 mths…I am now sadly down to three birds as one of our cockatiels Screech passed away last weekend…and I have massive puppy/doggie cravings like its no ones business but my lovlazy family wont agree to walk a dog 😉 ..so I just dog sit when I can..:) Nature is beauty!

    1. 🙂 I am happy to hear this Ren. I agree with you, they will love us back more than we are expected. Now, I am happy I allowed my son to have pet at home. Thanks for visiting, Have a happy day! Hugs … Lane and Rhen

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