What Inspire ME to Write?

Its dawn already, I am still in front of my computer, in the mood to write now. I have so many ideas run in my mind. The foundation of my writing is my passion for words and the eagerness in me to share my thoughts.

Photo thanks to ClkerFreeVectorImages


Where Creativity coming from?   

I pulled all of it from the things around me. It can be colors, flowers, dresses, favorite music, emotions of the person around me, all amazing photos and arts that I daily checked from my account.  Things that I learned from my work, friends, brother, and sister who lived with me or from my angel Rhen.

      At first, I am reluctant to write because I must admit I am not confident enough that I can bring justice to whatever things I write. I am also worried that whoever people read all my writings doesn’t like what I do or they will feel bored about it. And the biggest concern is the topics that I am using for my blog.

To cut the story short, I let my heart guide me to whatever post I am going to share.

In my amazement, I did it!

Most people say in everything you do, it should be related to your passion. If you love photos then it must be all related to your fielding, the same thing with food, book or movies. But in my case, I pulled it from the things I saw and see in my environment. On my way home if I saw a lady crying, the idea that she is heartbroken or she missed someone or something pushes me to create something out from it.

 blog-featured-911.jpg All Things Around Us:

     A simple smile, laugh or giggle from the people we in, on or to the street, street children or even the food we eat every day are the never-ending flow of motivations that we can use in writing. There are so many scenarios every day that we encountered and if we put all of it in words it will be a never-ending creation.

Chain of Inspiration:

Yes, I did it!  i

If someone tastes ice cream and says it is delicious it is already great or inspiring comments not only from the person who sold it because he brings happiness to the person who ate it but also for the person who did the ice cream. So as we noticed it is a chain of reaction or I called it a “chain of inspiration”.

Many bloggers who share their thoughts, learning, and creativity but the reality of our never-ending interest in everything helps, makes and pushes in every person to be better.  

I still remembered, before I publish my first post in Word Press, one of my friends encourage me to let it out and told me to share my wordings. Don’t hide it at the back of my mind. And finally, I decided to shake it up, all of it and throw all my hesitation.

 Now, I am thankful, I can share all the things which inspired, inspire me and keeps on inspiring me in my everyday life. 


6 thoughts on “What Inspire ME to Write?

Add yours

    1. thank u so much actually at first I don’t know if I can do it… but at last I made it and I am happy now coz I am able to share what’s in me through wordings…

  1. And this is good. Because you are good at what you do.
    Writers have to write, because the words, feelings, ideas have to come to life. I, too find Inspiration in so many moments in life.
    Make your passion real and continue to enjoy us.

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