It is my 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary


Yay! Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary, I am happy because my love story started not so right but ended well with God’s blessing. I have so many reasons to be thankful especially to my partner with me for better or for worse. Happy anniversary Love and May God bless our relationship to remain stronger and with an open heart.



When our eyes met

We knew instantly that magical feelings live longer

You extend your hands

To hold mine assuring things gonna be right

When you popped up the question to be yours forever

I knew Yes will be coming to join you in dreams

In reality, In life

We walked to whatever path God leads to us

 And You sealed promises with a kissed

I taste the eternity with you

Moving forward without looking back the past

Day by day the fire continuously burning

Lit the desire and mold the strong foundation that every woman dreams

I am dreaming this before and you made these dreams come true

In our Journey, as we walk to where ever we will go

I am ready to face anything with you, with Rhen

Because whatever trials come in our way

I knew I have both of You, beside me … I love you


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2 thoughts on “It is my 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

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  1. Happy Anniversary my dear sister! May your blessings continue onward for many more years! I share a poem about two being together in love and marriage…which I shared in February 2016. God bless you both!

    Always Together

    When by God two are brought together
    They become one for an endless time
    Nothing can ever come between them
    Their union is blessed by the Divine

    No matter what occurs in their lives
    The things that daily come their way
    Never a time will they be separated
    As combined their love seeks to stay

    Their special love becomes more precious
    As together their love blessing is shared
    Finding even when not physically together
    The other’s love constantly remains near

    Their hearts will beat as one together
    In a special way only God had in mind
    Jointly their lives will be inseparable
    Far beyond their bodies passing times

    Selfless love is an eternal gift of God
    And just like His love in our lives stays
    As two we were destined to become one
    Finding love blossoming in priceless ways

    Each day you will feel a special anointing
    As our hearts daily embrace the others love
    We Know God will keep watch over our lives
    With His continual blessings from up above.

    Even though I wrote it for my wife, when a couple celebrates their love on an Anniversary day…I always like to share with them a poem of love about two being together!

    1. Thank you so much my friend for sharing your poem, I honestly love this and I will definitely share this to my husband. Truly selfless Love is an eternal gift of God and each day I feel so blessed because God gave him at the right time in spite of so many roads we passed by, in the end we found each other arms with open heart and mind to be together as one. God bless for your entire family and thank you again for sharing love, light and inspiration. Hugs … Lane

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