Why Did I Stop Blogging?

          IMG20191020023905I Love Poetry but what stresses me out every time I wrote my pieces are the rules of writing it. But, not anymore, I let flow all my emotions and just write it. After all, it is my form of creating what is inside of me in a creative way, so why bother the rules.

      I thought writing is not for me, I came to a point I almost deactivated all my platforms, hide my site and just read and enjoy seeing others improving. If I miss blogging I log in and read.  To cut the story short I always go back and write something in a piece of paper, in a notebook and afterward, let it be. One day my son Rhenie saw a poem I wrote in a scratch pad and he said; “You know what Mom, writes again. I love all your pieces.” He read all my works and he has a lot of comments about it. Lol…  Knowing me, I always value my son’s words. I promised him, one day I will post again and share something.

          I took a break in writing for my blog to focus on my work, rebuilding myself, focus more on my son and family. I had a tremendous year of rebuilding myself, dealing with so many ups and down pushes me to focus on my family and work. I missed some of my fave authors, I honestly had a little time to read. As much as I can, I am having a hard time finishing even a single book.

Pamilya Ko (My Family):


         In another phase of my life, I decided to pursue my dreams and hoping I will be able to finish it in two in a half years. I know it is a bit late but regardless of my age, I don’t want to wake up one day and I have a regret. I am doing it for myself, my son and of course for my father, I made a promise, whatever happens, I am going to finish it.

         I will share with you some of it in my next post and I am decided to blog all my development. For the past years, I saw my son growing and I discovered a lot of things from different worlds as a mother, a wife, a freelancer and now a student.

          I am excited to have a conversation with you through the comment section and let us share things that we do and learn from each day.

 Have a safe day everyone!

7 thoughts on “Why Did I Stop Blogging?

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  1. Good luck sa plano mo. Ang dami ko rin gustong matupad this year epal lang si Covid e haha! Pero pag nakaraos sana may matupad.

  2. Minsan din nagugulat ako, na yung ibang walang humpay sa pagsulat ay humusay na ng husto at napag iwanan na ako hihihi…

    pero ganun talaga, keep writing ha

    Buti pa yung anak mo naappreciate sinusulat mo, yung mga kapatid ko at asawa ko natatawa lang sa pagsusulat ko kaya di ko na lang pinapabasa haha

    1. Ang Anak ko talaga number one fan – critic ko, sometimes iyon talagang malalapit sa atin ang mas mapanuri Hahaha anyway let us enjoy blogging and in the process we will gain from it. Keep safe 😍

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