COVID-19 UPDATES: How’s our life amid in Corona Virus?

COVID – 19 Updates: Since March 12, 2020, the day Philippine Government announced the community quarantine and declare the country in a state of emergency for public health. Our life evolves and changed to what are the things we can do to combat this virus.

The day community quarantine implemented

There are so many guidelines aired on television, printed in the newspaper and shared in different social media platforms to educate the public the do’s and don’t’s during this crisis. The Filipino spirits rose and many good Samaritans out and help. The government did its best to attend the needs of many.

Distribution of relief goods

Different government agencies as well as private sectors helping hand in hand to lessen the effect of COVID – 19 not only in the economic status of each individual but also in the state of mind of the people.

I as one of Juan, I can’t hide my appreciation for the action did by the collaborative effort of many, both public and private sectors continuously doing their best to help and fight the crisis.



Observe Social Distancing

Where are we now?

  • Supermarkets, Groceries and all places used for public service and buying basic commodities observe social distancing.
  • We are having a curfew from 8:00 PM to 5 AM, all front liners and individual working at night are the only people allowed to go out at night.
  • One person per family has a Quarantine Pass to buy the basic needs together with one valid Identification Card. No one is allowed to go out otherwise it is badly needed, important and in case of emergency.
  • LGU’s particularly in Luzon and some parts of the Philippines who have a high number of positive cases mandated to wear a mask.
  • There are places lockdown and no one is allowed to go in and out otherwise you are one of the residences of the said place.
  • LGU’s distributed relief goods and financial assistance to help their constituents for their basic needs.
  • We are still in enhanced community quarantine up to April 30, 2020.
Lockdown of streets

From March 6 till today April 09, 2020, the numbers of positive cases and deaths still going up.

Calling all Filipinos to continuously following the guidelines not only for ourselves but for everybody. We can HELP BIG TIME by staying at home as much as possible and observing social distancing particularly in a public place. I know it is not easy to stay at home, but all of us experiencing this agony. If we want to end this misery so soon this is the time to listen and follow.

I hope this crisis will be over soon and all will be safe from it. KAYA NATIN ITO!

Photos are mine

How does the Philippines deal with NCOV – 19?

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