What makes me Inspiring as a woman?

Happiness from within… Another Journey Unfold

Photo thanks to: Simpledelight


Another dreams, another milestone… these are the words hit me while I am waiting my son to finish his training. It made me feel that each day, I fulfilled something not only in my personal goal in life but also a woman, a wife, a sister, a mother and a daughter.

I realized things that keeps me motivated, inspired, and made me a stronger and better person each day.

My everyday life as a woman enhance me to give the value of inner self and respect for myself and for all the people around me. Things never came easy, I came so many ups and down particularly in my personal and marital relationship aspect but in the end God lead me the way to find the right path that makes my day happy and  complete.

As a daughter part, I had so many memories of my father that I always looked back especially in times that life hit me. I am glad my mother is always there to guide and tap my back to remind me that things will be okay if I just let it be.

I am a sister and became the mother and father of my siblings, I knew I have so many shortcomings in a way of becoming a friend to them but I am trying to make up and make them feel I am always there no matter what.

My parenting journey makes me more understanding in all aspect of my life. Rhen changed and continuously changing me for all the things. I discover each day from the simple things up to the things that teach me a lesson and gives me learning.

All of it makes me inspiring as a woman, I often times vulnerable and soft but strong and determined in times that I need to be tough. I am always ready to accept my mistakes and not afraid to let my voice out in times I have to stand for what is right. A woman who value my family most and a woman who is always ready to stand beside her love ones no matter what.

For all of these, I am thankful and feeling bless.  I am just happy today, and I want to share this happiness to you guys. Be happy and stay happy.

Happy Women’s Day to all!