Siquijor Series: Local Painters

I found this post just this morning , as a Filipino I always wanted to share the beauty of my country as well as the different talents of the Filipinos. If you guys have the chance to visit in my country you can check it out Siquijor... Source Wikipedia: Siquijor is an island province of... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma of every relationship! How will Love survive?

Have you ever wondered why some relationships failed and some choose separate ways because their relationship is simply not working?  I am referring to a romantic relationship, simply defined as emotional connections between people.  We knew that all relationships undergo struggles and difficulties. Why some are failed? What are the things we need to do... Continue Reading →

A Voice of Ordinary Juan….

The election in the United States was over and re-electionist President Barack Obama did it again…. Congratulations Sir… During the entire period, I am one of those consistently following the details about the whole process and one thing I really admire for the whole season of the election in the United States is their electoral... Continue Reading →

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