Is the gender matter between the battle of good and bad, right and wrong?

Photo thanks to: Livescience


Recently we heard and read the news and write-ups about the comments made by our “Pambansang Kamao” Manny Pacquaio about the same sex marriage when news anchor Karen Davila asked his opinion about same sex marriage.

He answered it base on from his beliefs and principles. Many opposed him and I am one of searching his answer about the issue because if I just based my opinion from the caption wrote in news, net and aired in Television, I will be biased sharing my opinion.

Ops, if someone asked, why? Who cares? Who are you? I will simply answer, I am just an Ordinary Juan who watched, heard and read the news every day and want to share my input. 😉

There are so many issues where our brothers and sisters in LGBT community facing right now just like the brutal killings of a transgender in Olonggapo and many experienced the direct discrimination.

They are also human like us, part of this society, no matter what gender they choose. Just like us, they are also having a family who loves and needs them. And I don’t think no one has the right to kill, disrespect and judge them because they choose to stand for their chosen preference. Just like man and woman, boy and girl, they can be a better person, good citizen of every country, outstand and share their passion and skills for the better community and society.

Is the gender will be the bases of being good and bad or right and wrong? I don’t think so, because who we are, what we are and who will become is not base whether we are woman, man, transgender, or bi-sexual.

Let us RESPECT each other principle and beliefs, Respect each individual regardless the Gender and live happy and peaceful each day.