YAY! Awards ….

YAY! Awards ….  It took me so long before I did my response to all the awards that was given to me by my fellow bloggers and friends. And my apology for being late for this….. ABC AWARD: Thank you, Miro, for nominating me for ABC Award, Miro always share incomparable and high-quality pieces of... Continue Reading →

“Cinquain – Forever”

"CINQUAIN - FOREVER" Forever Endlessly, For Life, Long Last Never-ending, long-standing, everlasting Hold me tightly and never let me go Eternal This is in participation from my friends in SB Community, Cinquain. Cinquain means a short poem consisting of five, usually unrhymed lines containing, respectively, two, four, six, eight, and two syllables.

HIT TWO….My Great Appreciation

I feel so honored that I received this award twice, I want to thank Bella: http://heartofbella.wordpress.com who first nominated me for this award and to a loving heart is the truest wisdom: http:// alovingheartisthetruestwisdom. wordpress.com for nominating me again for this reward. And from the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate it. I am so... Continue Reading →

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