One Step Ahead… (Voice Of Ordinary Juan 2)

I started this in my first post… Voice Of Ordinary Juan, in my previous post,  I tackled how I am impressed with what I’ve observed in United States Election. As one of Juan, I am truly amazed at how the election ended and how the opponents agreed to the result. Its election time here in... Continue Reading →

Work SMART, Be on Top.

Photo: thanks to Have you ever wondered one day when you woke up in the morning and you find nothing left to you? Not even a single cent left in your pocket. Moreover, the irony you’d been working so hard for so many years to get what you dream of and vanished everything in... Continue Reading →

God Is A Radio …

I came to read one of my friends post from http://www.dehypnotize. and I find it perfect for Lenten post, absolutely true, because the only way to let us feel the God’s presence is to listen to him.

Have a peaceful Lenten every one…


Everything that is, vibrates on a particular frequency;  even down to the strings in particle physics, everything is vibrating.  Vibrations of course create sound that can only be detected with the proper listening apparatus.  Recently scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California were able to listen to the recorded voice of Thomas Edison.  Recording on what was to become known as the phonograph, Edison was able to speak some eighty plus years into the future, to anyone that could hear him.  Although they’d had it for some time  these scientists had to develop a 3-D optical technology that scans surfaces and then converts them into digital audio files before they were able to hear what had been recorded.

There is a sea of waves surrounding us at all times, sound waves, radio waves, microwaves and many more.  However, we can only pick up on these waves, again, with the proper device.

We come equipped with our very…

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I AM….

This post is from Shakti Gosal who did a great point about the word I AM…

A very inspiring post that if most of us have time to reflect peace and harmony will be expected…

I ……   AM …..

A New Beginning

The words “I am” are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to.  The thing you’re claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you. 

~A.L. Kitselman, American author, early 20th Century

Some days back, on the seventieth Birthday of the iconic Mohammed Ali, I watched some of the old grainy footages of another time, another place. Of a newly crowned world heavyweight champion declaring, “I am the Greatest!” Did these words come from a space of vanity and arrogance? Of projecting a ‘bigger than life’ aura as a shield against racism and perceived injustice? Or was it simply to frighten and unnerve the opposition?

In my childhood, my parents and teachers told me, “Do not fall prey to self arrogance, be humble. Shun personal greed, be generous in giving, be of service.” And there were enough morals like ‘thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself

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