It is my 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

Yay! Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary, I am happy because my love story started not so right but ended well with God's blessing. I have so many reasons to be thankful especially to my partner with me for better or for worse. Happy anniversary Love and May God bless our relationship to remain stronger... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma of every relationship! How will Love survive?

Have you ever wondered why some relationships failed and some choose separate ways because their relationship is simply not working?  I am referring to a romantic relationship, simply defined as emotional connections between people.  We knew that all relationships undergo struggles and difficulties. Why some are failed? What are the things we need to do... Continue Reading →

Womanizing… IS it an Issue?

 “Man is born polygamous”  This is the popular saying I always heard every time the womanizing issue was discussed. Opposes…. I am not bringing up a fight in here, and before guys throw me something or put me on fire … let’s discussed….. 😉  Womanizing is one of the issues that most married couples facing right... Continue Reading →

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