Photo credited to Mans Unides Flicker (under creative commons)       I posted this content to Bubblews but I decided to share my point of view regarding the typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit my country just recently to my friends and fellow bloggers here in WordPress. It took me quite some time before I was... Continue Reading →

Hitting the letters….

Letters wanted to come out in my rambling mind, there are a lot of scenarios waited to share. One of my favorite, when I am reading a novel, is the complicated sequence from a love story. I always wanted to read something similar to what are things happening in reality.  When we are in love,... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma of every relationship! How will Love survive?

Have you ever wondered why some relationships failed and some choose separate ways because their relationship is simply not working?  I am referring to a romantic relationship, simply defined as emotional connections between people.  We knew that all relationships undergo struggles and difficulties. Why some are failed? What are the things we need to do... Continue Reading →

What Does It Really Take to Lead?

What Does It Really Take to Lead?

I came to read one of the posts coming from: From the Road Warrior who always shares motivating post and great insight about life in every form and angle. You can check out his site in http://bobmichaels.wordpress.com.

Why a person wants to become a leader? For some it might be about status or influence, or for others it might be the challenge of seeing how far they can progress. If all people who want to lead or our leader now have the same vision as what this post told, we expect the greater changes in our society.

From a Road Warrior

During a recent conversation with a CEO client of mine, I asked him a cliche question,  “What do you think it takes to be a leader/manager? His answer was not what I expected,however.

He said: In one word I would say a great leader has empathy. None of my people here get to be leaders on any level without it. They must first learn that “I” must be replaced with “WE” and never to use “ME”. Also I learned that being great in a lower position rarely makes for a good leader. True leaders learn to maneuver that fine line between “Boss” and “Friend”. I have managers here that I really and truly believe their people go the extra mile for EVERY day, because they want to do it for their manager first, and then their team, not because they have to.

He went to say: One of…

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