Where do I stand?

I am looking at the blank sheet, so pure so white. It is very inviting, my fingers playing the keys from my keyboard. But no words came out. I’d been sitting in my chair for almost an hour but I can’t figure out where and what to start. I know tons wanted to come out... Continue Reading →

Just Ranting, in a good way

Enough for the more serious type of writing My mind now is rambling My hand is typing And words coming like lava flowing Ops I omit some letter It sounds like I am messing Can’t help but sharing The not so serious type of posting I know I am ranting With those free words bending... Continue Reading →

Anderson Cooper, I Also Saw What You Saw … By: Geraldine Uy Wong

Photo credited to: Once upon a time (g_yulong) Flicker under creative common Help me get this to Anderson Cooper: Mr. Anderson Cooper, I want to thank you for reporting on the miserable conditions that you saw when you covered the Tacloban calamity scene 5 days after the typhoon. Your report came out on Tuesday, the day I... Continue Reading →

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